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Product Tag Displays

To show products with a specific tag, use:


  1. Where "product_tag_code" is the tag code of the product tag. The product tag must be existing in Coreware otherwise, an "Invalid tag" message is shown.
  2. Where "wrapper_element_id" is the element id of the wrapper element. This wrapper element must be existing in the markup where this module statement is used.
  3. The format of the module statement should be:
    • colon (:) - separator between name value pairs.
    • equal sign (=) - separator between the name and the value.
  4. To exclude out of stock items, add "exclude_out_of_stock=true".
  5. To limit the number of items shown, add "select_limit=5".
  6. To randomize the results, add "random=true".

How to show items with a specific tag

To show products with a specific tag on a page:

  1. Go to Products > Taxonomy > Product Tags.
  2. Open the product tag and take the link name. Add a link name to the product tag if it doesn't have one.
  3. Add the link name to the following URL: e.g.
  4. The page should should show all the products tagged as On Sale.

How to tag multiple products

To add multiple products to a product tag:

  1. Go to Products > Products > Products.
  2. Look for each product in the list and check the checkbox on the left side to select.
  3. After all products have been selected, click on Actions and select "Tag selected products".
  4. Select the product tag from the list and click Save.


Cancel and Pause Memberships or Subscriptions

If you go to the subscription management page, go to the Text tab, you can create three text chunks that will change the behavior 

of the page:

If this text chunk is set to any non-empty value, pausing a subscription will not be allowed

If set to any non-empty value, cancelling a subscription will not be allowed

The default is "Subscription", but if this text chunk is set, it will be the term used for subscription. SPB would probably want this set to "Membership"


Tax Exempt

How to setup a customer as tax exempt?

There needs to be a custom field for Contacts with a code of "TAX_EXEMPT_ID". Any user/contact who has a value in this
custom field will be tax exempt.

To setup the custom field, you can go to System -> Custom Fields. Add a new field with the code: TAX_EXEMPT_ID. Under type
choose "Contacts".

Under Controls add a new control withe the value of:



Raw Printing - Labels

Raw label printinG

Step 1 - Download and Install QZTray
In order to print you must install a utility called QZTray.  Click here to download the correct version for your system.

Step 2 - Install the correct Zebra Drivers for your Printer

Make sure to download and install the correct printer drivers.  Click here to download the correct drivers.

Step 3 - Default Printing to Raw Printing

In Corestore go to the Store Config screen and jump to the Barcodes section.  The last option is to default to Raw Printing. Make sure to click this checkbox.

Step 4 - Setup Label

Make sure you have at least one label defined.  To do this under Items click the ... menu and then click Manage Labels.  You should see at least one label definition.  If you don't have any label definitions you can create a new one.  See below for sample definitions.  

Click Add Label and type in a description for your label.  Select ZPL as the language if you are using a Zebra printer then paste in the Definition below into the Definition field. You can select the default printer to use this way you won't have to choose a printer each time you print a label.    

Step 5 - Print Labels

You are all set to print labels.  On the items screen select any number of items and then at the top you will see the Labels button. Click that button and then click Label Printer.

Label Definitions

Label DescriptionDefinition
1.5" x 1"  Item Label^XA
^FDCompany Name
^FDPrice:  ${items.unit_price}
 1.5" x 1" Item Label Rotated 90^XA
^FDCompany Name
^FDPrice:  ${items.unit_price}

Sample Label
Converted Base 64 Image


Tag and Menu Modules

Product menus module

This menu creates a MENU structure. This is the same module that is used in the header to create the main product menu. With this module, you cannot select specific product tags. This creates a MENU of all the product tags. There are no further filtering options.

Tagged products module

This module creates an element filled with product search results, based on the criteria you pass it. You can pass in multiple tag codes. They need to be delimited by pipe symbols. You can limit the number returned but you cannot set the sort order. Products within a tag are sorted themselves. 

Go to Products->Taxonomy->Product Tags. You will see that you can set the sort order of the products within the tag. That is the sort order used. 

Note If you use multiple product tag codes, the sort order is not going to be obvious. Basically, it is going to alternate products from one tag to the other. When you sort products within a tag, they are assigned sequence numbers. These are used for the sorting. When you combine multiple product tags, it still sorts by this sequence number. So, you will see sequence number 1 from the first tag, then sequence number 1 from the second tag, etc. 

You can add an additional filter of product_category_code (which can also be multiple). Here are some examples:






As you can see there are a lot of possibilities, albeit with constraints. This module will return a series of product results which can be configured as a slider or just a section of products. This can be embedded in any page.

You can also create a link for the product search results page. This is where you have the greatest flexibility. This option, however, is not something that is embedded in a page. It is a link to a unique search results page. Here are some examples:  
page of all products in the used_products product tag 
page of all products in the used_products product tag and also in the product category handguns|refurbished&product_category_code=handguns|rifles  
page of all products in either used_products or refurbished product tags and also in either handguns or rifles categories|ruger&product_department_code=firearms 
page of all beretta & ruger firearms


Coreware Backend CSS

Management CSS File

Under the Website menu under the Templates menu click the CSS Files option and add a new file.   IMPORTANT the Code for this CSS file must be MANAGEMENT.

Example content for the file:

#_sidebar.visible #_logo { background-color: rgb(0,0,0); }


Enable API Logging on a Live Server

API logging does not happen on a live server. You can explicitly turn it on, but it DOES put a load on the system. There needs to be a system preference with code “ALLOW_LIVE_API_LOGGING”. Go to System->Preferences->Preferences and make sure the preference exists. Create it if it doesn’t. It should be a checkbox data type and NOT be client settable or user settable. 

Once you setup the preference go to System->Preferences->System Preferences and turn it on. Make sure you turn it off right away after you get the information you need.


Pending Disposition

By default the system is setup so when a sale is made it turns into a pending disposition. This is to allow the retailer to review the information prior to the record being disposed completely.If you don't want to dispose immediately upon the sale then change the setting in the Store Configuration, under the Bound Book section turn off the Check Box that reads:"A Sale Creates A Pending Disposition".

Converted Base 64 Image

When a bound book record is pending to dispose the item pull up the record in the Bound Book module and click the Dispose button that is at the top right of the screen.known printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

Converted Base 64 Image


Products Missing UPC

Finding products with missing upc code

To see all the products in your store that are missing a UPC code follow these steps:

Step 1 open up the Products page.  

Click Products->Products

Step 2

Click Filters

Step 3

Check the No UPC Set checkbox on the bottom of the screen.
Make sure no other filters are set.

Step 4

Click Save

A full list of products that are missing UPC's will be displayed. 

Converted Base 64 Image


Why cannot I not purchase a label with Fedex through Coreware?

This typically happens when the FedEx meter number you are using has not been certified for us over their API. These steps need to be performed on your EasyPost account. Coreware makes API calls to FedEx in order to retrieve production FedEx labels and FedEx requires you to go through a certification process. You’ll want to follow these steps to obtain your API credentials. If you already have your Test credentials in EasyPost you can move to step 6:

  1. Log in to your FedEx Account and head over to their "Developer Resource Center".
  2. Click "FedEx Web Services".
  3. For test credentials, click “Develop and Test”.
  4. For production credentials, click “Move to Production”.
  5. Once you’ve completed these processes, your full credentials will be provided via a page that FedEx brings you to, as well as an email that FedEx sends you automatically. You’ll need the information from both of these sources in order to accurately fill out the entire set of credentials.
  6. After you’ve put all that information into EasyPost, you’ll need to create a Test shipment using your EasyPost Test API Key, buy the shipment, and download the label.
  7. Contact FedEx here and let them know you need help getting your account certified. Make sure to include that label you downloaded.


Merge Duplicate Contact Records

To find an merge duplicate contacts, please follow the instructions below:

Under the Contacts Menu you will see a menu called -

Duplicate Processing

Under Duplicate Processing select the "Duplicates Search" option. Enter the search criteria, for example enter:
Michael in the Frist Name field and Murray in the Last Name field.

Make sure to check the boxes to the left of each search field.

Click the "Find Duplicates" button to find duplicate records. You will see a message on the bottom that will read
something like this:

1 potential duplicates among 2 contacts found.

Click the Process Duplicates button next. You will see a list of potential duplicates that were found.

Click the duplicate search result and you will see a screen showing you the duplicate records side by side.

To merge the records just click the Merge button at the top of this screen. The two records will be merged.
Original Subject: Customer Reports


Require Phone Number

If you want to ALWAYS require phone number, go to Orders->Retail Store Setup.
In the Settings tab, there is an option to make the phone number always required.


How do I update my address that shows on the packing slip?

To update the address in the right corner of the packing slip go to Contacts->Client Settings to update your
address/phone numbers.

How to Update your FFL (License) that Shows on the Packing Slip

In the backend of Coreware, go to Website->Image Library. Search for "DEALER_FFL". That is the image that shows up on the
packing slip. Click on the Edit icon and replace the image.


MAP Priced Items Email Quote Not Working

Some restrictions will cause the email not to send:

- If the user is NOT logged in when they request the quote, they MUST be on the same device when they try to use the quote link.

- If the user is logged in when they request the quote, they MUST be logged in when they try to use the quote link, though they don't have to be on the same device AND same browser.

- The quote link (or code) only works for 24 hours.

- If the user clears cookies, they will lose the quote. Some users have extensions installed that clear cookies when they quit the browser.I suggest that you try it, both logged in and not logged in.

- Test the feature before concluding that it is not working.


GoDaddy 365 Email Server Settings

To setup your Godaddy 365 email credentials on Coreware use the following settings:

SMTP Host:

SMTP Port# 465

Security Setting: SSL

Enter your email and email password.

POP Host:

Port # 993

Security Setting: SSL


ACH Support

To setup your store to accept ACH payments (also known as an electronic check), you just need to make sure you
you have a payment method setup with the code: "BANK_ACCOUNT". The code is critical and must match exactly. To setup
payment types simply click on Payments->Payment Methods.


How to Check If a Distributor Item Quantity Was Updated

Checking Distributor Update

To check when the last distributor quantity updates were done you can check the inventory logs by clicking on :

Products->Products->Product Inventory

Search for the item that you are looking for and the full inventory log will be displayed at the bottom of the screen where you will see the full history.  See the screen shot below. You can filter the Product Inventory screen to show a specific distributor.

Converted Base 64 Image