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Action Logs


Workflow Title


This is the title given to this workflow


Edit Workflow Title


By clicking here you can edit the workflow title.




You can refresh the action log at any time by clicking this button.


Filter By Date


You can filter action logs by the date they were created.


Filter By Action Type


Here you can filter the action logs by action types.


Filter By Status


You can filter your action logs list by status by clicking here.


Select A Contact


If you have a long list of action logs, searching by name may be faster than scrolling to find the particular log you're looking for.


Action Log Table


This table shows you a list of action logs and all the associated data that is collected including:


    • 1.
      The contacts added.
    • 2.
      The type of actions that were made on the contacts.
    • 3.
      The status of the contacts.
    • 4.
      Executed on; The date and time an action is executed on the contacts.
    • 5.
      More details; All event-related details can be found here.
    • 6.
      Execution log; the list of actions executed on a particular contact.



Once you are all done editing any action, make sure to save!




Once you save action, the date and time will be updated.


Draft vs Publish

Action logs can either be in draft or publish mode. You can toggle this button to activate/deactivate it.


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