Set a Shipping Charge for a Specific Product in coreFORCE

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Tue, 27 Sep 2022 at 09:26 AM by Hannah Harris


  1. In Products > Pricing > Product Price Types, add a product price type with the code SHIPPING_CHARGE_XXX (it is already listed in the preset dropdown).
  2. In Products > Products > Products, find the product for which you want to offer free shipping. Click on the Pricing tab on the product maintenance page.
  3. At the bottom of the Pricing tab, find the grid labeled "Product Prices."  Add a line to the grid and select Shipping Charge as the price type.  Enter your desired charge for the item in the price column.
  4. If you want to restrict this product to have this cost for shipping only for a certain amount of time, you can enter those details in the grid.  Note that the "Location" column does not affect shipping charge entries in the grid.  If you set shipping charge to 0, it will be free regardless of which location has inventory for the order.


That's it!  When a customer adds that product to their cart and checks out, the shipping charge for that item will be what you entered.


Note: if you offer multiple shipping types (e.g. expedited shipping, overnight shipping, or more expensive shipping for addresses outside of the mainland US), you may want to exclude these shipping types from the promotion.  To do this, add the Pricing Type SHIPPING_CHARGE_XXX on Product Price Types, and change the XXX to the code for the shipping method you want to make free. 


For example, if you want to exclude Alaska and Hawaii from free shipping on a product:


  1. In Orders > Settings > Shipping Methods, create a Shipping Method for Alaska and Hawaii (e.g. if your original shipping method was SHIP_10, create a new one with the code SHIP_AKHI)
  2. In Orders > Settings > Shipping Charges, link the shipping charges for Alaska and Hawaii to the new shipping method.
  3. In Products > Pricing > Product Price Types, create a product price type with the code SHIPPING_CHARGE_SHIP_10.  When you add this to a product pricing grid with cost of 0, it will only apply to shipping for the mainland US, because customers in Alaska and Hawaii will be using SHIP_AKHI as their shipping method.

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