How to Locally Backup 4473 using coreFFL Sync Program

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We provides a downloadable program called eForm 4473 to help you keep a backup copy of your 4473/3310 data on your own computer or to comply with ATF Digital Storage of Form 4473 Minimum Standards.

To download the coreFFL Sync Application you can access the download link in 2 places in coreSTORE. (Settings OR Manage 4473)

1) Go to BoundBook>Manage 4473>3 Dot Menu, and click the "Download coreFFL Sync Program."


2) Company>Settings>BoundBook, and click the "Download coreFFLSync Application."

Once you choose and click an option to download, It will then build a .zip file that contains this app and the config file. Once it's downloaded, click on File to open it (If for some reason you don't see this in the bottom left of your screen, you can open your "Download" folder).

Click on the coreFFL Sync Application then click Extract All.

You will need to Select a Destination to save the extracted files, then click Extract.

As soon as you Extract the Files, you should now see the coreFFL Sync App. Click on that to open it.

After the installation has completed, the only thing left is setting the (A) sync time (which defaults to 8:00 PM, you can change it to your preferred time) and select a (B) path to a folder that will be synchronized with the S3 bucket. Once the sync folder path and time have been set in the app's UI, clicking (C) "Apply" will save the sync folder and time back to the config file, and will write a schedule for executing the sync (a 'launch agent' for Mac, and a 'scheduled task' for Windows). (D) Execute Sync now can be done for the first time to download all the files.

The sync will take up to 3-5 minutes depending on the size of the files and then it will create separated folders with each 4473 status (Denied, Form_3310, not_required & proceed).

Final Notes

  • Once the schedule has been set, the app can be used to change the configuration, reinstall the AWS CLI, or execute a manual sync, but is not needed to have the schedule run on a daily basis. 
  • Each Location will have a separate S3 area for storing 4473/3310 PDFs along with Location-specific backup using coreFFLSync
  • If you were already using coreFFLSync and checked (or unchecked) this checkbox, you will need to re-download the coreFFLSync application and click the Reinstall button in the app when you open it in order to back up properly.
    Same thing when you switch location in your coreSTORE and download the coreFFL Sync, it's important to "Reinstall AWS and Execute Sync" the AWS Command line program doesn't know it has new credentials to use unless you reinstall the AWS Program to perform the sync.For any further assistance you can reach out through chats/tickets and we will be happy to assist you. Please subscribe to our 
    YouTube Channel  for more article videos about Coreware Products.

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