How to set up invoice purchases in coreFORCE eCommerce

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Mon, 12 Sep 2022 at 05:20 PM by Hannah Harris

There are a couple options in Coreware so that your trusted customers can purchase "on account":


You can create a payment method so that the customer gets an invoice.


  1. In Payments > Payment Method Types, Create a payment method type code of "INVOICE". 
  2. Then in Payments > Payment Methods, create a payment method using this type also called INVOICE. You can limit who has access to this payment method by creating a User Type in Contacts > Users > Types. Then add the new User Type to the User Types box on the Payment method. This payment method will create an invoice when the customer places an order.
  3. You can define how many days until the invoice is due in System > Client preferences.  Create the preference called "Number of days before Layaway invoice is due."  This setting is shared between the LAYAWAY and INVOICE payment types; the difference is that for Layaway, the customer can make multiple payments according to schedule, whereas for Invoice, the full amount is due.
  4. You can also manually set the due date for an invoice after a customer places an order in Payments > Invoicing > Invoices.
  5. To create the invoice payment page, go to Orders > coreFORCE Setup and on the Page tab, select your template and check the box next to "Invoice Payments" in the Pages grid (this page may already exist).
  6. When a customer has open invoices, they will see a link to pay their invoices on the public my account page at <yourdomainname>.com/my-account, or you can give them a direct link to the page, which is normally <yourdomainname>.com/invoice-payments.


You can create a payment method for what we call "Charge Account". This allows you to create an account for specific customers, set a credit limit, and give the customer a page where they can make payments. This method does not generate invoices, but is just an ongoing credit limit. To do this, repeat steps 1-2 above, but the code for the payment method type and payment method is CHARGE_ACCOUNT.  Because the Charge Account Payment method is a revolving credit line, invoices are not generated for this. If you want to use this payment method, contact Coreware to assist you in setting up the Account Payment page which is not included in coreFORCE Setup.

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