Simulate Users in coreFORCE

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Simulating Users is useful for testing new functionality and verifying customer's problems. 


It is possible for administrators to simulate other users on the website. You can do this in the Details tab of a particular contact/user in  Contacts Maintenance (Contacts -> Contacts) or Users (Contacts -> Users -> Users)


You can only simulate a user with lower privileges than you have. 


  • A Full Client Access user can simulate an administrator or a normal user, but not another Full Client Access user
  • An Administrator can simulate a normal user, but not another administrator or Full Client Access user.



Simulating a Customer


This is useful if you are either trying to check out for a guest who is on the phone with you, or if you are trying to test something for a customer to make sure it is working properly. After you click the simulate user button, you will actually be taken to the administrator dashboard. Now, because customer accounts are not administrators they will not actually be able to do anything from this dashboard. See picture below. 



Therefore, in order to get to the home page for your website you will need to add /home onto the end of the address bar and press enter. This will take you to your home page where you can resume testing.





Remember to log out when you are finished simulating a user and do not leave any items in their shopping cart as they will see these when they next log in. You won't be able to work in the backend, even in another tab, while simulating a non-admin user because the system will think you are that person.





If you aren't seeing the simulate user button you need to turn it on in preferences.  It's called Allow Administrator Login.



In addition, because this feature is so powerful, it is a best practice to only enable it for people who need to do it for their job function (for example, the accounting department who pays invoices for a customer using payment information given over the phone).


You should create a user group (Contacts > Users > Groups) and grant that group access to the "Simulate User" page.  Then add the specific administrators who need this function to that group.  Alternatively, if you have an existing group that needs this ability, you can grant that group access to the "Simulate User" page.


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