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In order to PUBLISH workflows, you will need to establish a workflow trigger and a workflow action. Without both, you will only be able to save the workflow, not publish it.


The "customer replied" workflow trigger runs when an incoming message is received from a contact. It is an advanced workflow with a lot of filters and variables. This trigger can be used to build automation that performs actions based on customers replying, and even replying from a specific communication channel such as SMS only or Email only.


Add Filters


Contain Phrase


If you only want this workflow to trigger when a specific phrase is used by your customer or lead, you can add that phrase into the "contains phrase" filter. As long as the message contains this phrase, regardless of the other words in the message, the workflow will trigger.


For Example: Using the phrase "Yes please" could be a way to trigger this workflow when asking a customer or lead is they want a certain discount.


Doesn't Have Tag


By selecting this filter, you can decide to trigger this workflow when a customer replies and DOES NOT have the tag "20% discount voucher" associated with their contact records.


Exact Match Phrase


By clicking on the "Exact Match phrase", you can restrict the trigger action to an exact word or phrase.
For Example, your Exact Match Phrase is "Yes" if a contact types any word aside from this exact "Yes" word, the workflow will not be triggered.


Has Tag


Select a tag from the CRM. When a tag is allocated to the contact's workflow, the workflow will only be triggered based on the specific tag.


Intent Type


For "Intent Type" the system tries to understand the contact response if it is positive or negative then, uses this automation as a reply to the contact's response.


This filter uses Google automation on the back end (Google Dialog Flow). It is the automation built by Google to understand the communication of human beings. There are groups of words established as positive and others grouped as negative.


For Example, if a contact replies to an appointment invite as "Sure but I have a meeting in an hour's time so make it quick" the system sees it as a 'Yes' because of the "Sure" in the sentence.



Replied To Workflow


By selecting this filter, you can choose the workflow you are looking out for a reply from.


For Example, If you send a message to your contact and you are expecting a reply from them, you can trigger this workflow based off of their reply.


Reply Channel


This "Reply channel" runs only when there's a specific reply from a channel.
For example, a customer replied to your SMS campaign, this workflow automatically triggers


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