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In order to PUBLISH workflows, you will need to establish a workflow trigger and a workflow action. Without both, you will only be able to save the workflow, not publish it.


This workflow trigger runs on specific email events. it is established in a way that anytime an email event such as an open or a click happens across the system or in a specific workflow, the trigger is fired!


Add Filters




This filter allows you to choose what event you'd be looking to fire the trigger off of from your sent email;


    • It could be either the email Bounced, or The email was Clicked on, or It got Spammed (the contact complained/reported the mail), or The contact Opened the mail, or The contact Unsubscribed (DND).
This filter allows you to pull contacts out of other workflows and put them in a workflow where you can give them more specific information, Or remove them from every workflow they are in and mark them DND (mostly emails from contacts that got spammed, bounced, or unsubscribed) so as not to hurt your email score.


In Workflow


Choosing this filter means that the system is going to look for an event within a specific workflow.


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