Using NICS Check Plugin for TiCS

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Corestore Setup

1) Set the Background Check Choice to TiCS

  • Go to Store Config.
  • Scroll down to Boundbook section.
  • Choose "TiCS" from the Background Check dropdown menu:

  • Make sure to save your changes.

2) Set up Manufacturer Codes

This is optional, but will help to streamline use of the plugin. TiCS uses two- or three-character codes for different firearms manufacturers on the FIREARM INFO screen. A routine has already been run to match the Manufacturers in Corestore with the same manufacturers in TiCS, and so a few hundred codes have already been added. You may, at any time, set the code for a Manufacturer by clicking on Inventory in the sidebar and then click on Manufacturers. If you click on the Edit link next to any manufacturer, a dialog box is displayed that lets you set the Code:


Using the Plugin

Requires Version 2.3 or later of the NICS Check Plugin.

When you go to Section C, the button that normally reads "Start NICS Check" should now read "Start TiCS Check" (if it doesn't, go back to Store Config and make sure you set the Background Check to "TiCS").


Click the Start TiCS Check button to launch the TiCS site and take you to the login screen where you can log in, then follow the instructions below:


Screen: Firearm Purchase

  • Click the  plugin button in the toolbar to have the currently logged in user to the Corestore entered as the Salesperson.
  • The Save Location and Enter Purchaser button will automatically be clicked and will take you to the next screen. (NOTE: This is the only button that the plugin automatically clicks because on other screens you want to be able to review what the plugin has put in to make sure the info is correct.)


  • Click the  plugin button in the toolbar and all the info for the purchaser will be automatically entered for you (retrieved from the 4473 you were in).
  • Verify the information and click Save Purchaser & Enter Firearm(s).


  • Click the  plugin button in the toolbar and all the info for the first firearm from Section A will be entered for you.
  • If there is a matching Manufacturer Code that is in Corestore, it will be entered for you in the Make field, otherwise you'll have to enter the correct code yourself. Similarly, the plugin should automatically pick the correct ModelType and Caliber, but if for some reason it can't, you'll need to enter those yourself.
  • Verify the information is correct.
  • If there is only one firearm on Section A, click Save and Submit, otherwise click Save and Add More.
  • Continue to click the   plugin button for each additional firearm on Section A until the list on the screen shows all the firearms (if you click the plugin button after you have saved the info for the last firearm from Section A, you'll get an alert dialog that says "No more firearms to add"), and then finally click the Submit This List For Approval button.

Screen: Firearm Purchase - Status ("Status Log")

  • Initially the submitted check will be at the top of the list with a status of Autoprocessing.
  • Click the Status Log link in the navigation bar at the top of the screen, and continue to click it periodically until the status column changes to Denied or Approved.
  • Click on the Denied or Approved link to display the transaction in a popup window, and then close the popup window. (If the Status Log does not refresh and show the Approval Code (for an Approval), then click the Status Log link in the navigation bar to refresh the page so the code is displayed.)
  • Click the  plugin button in the toolbar, which will grab the status and the approval code, and will switch back to the Section C page in Corestore, where it will automatically set Q.27a, Q27.b, and Q27.c. with the info from TiCS.

You should be able to keep the TiCS page open in the browser and "reuse" it (e.g. the plugin, when first clicked, will see if there's already an open TiCS tab and switch to it instead of opening a new tab), but worst case scenario you'll need to close the TiCS tab before running another check.

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