Building a Server for Coreware

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Build a Server


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What is Aurora?

What is EC2?


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Move Client to New Dedicated Server


1) Create AWS RDS (relational database service) Instance

- Aurora
- MySQL compatible
- latest version
- make sure it has both reader and writer
- For dedicated client, use R5.Large
    - Make sure VPC is set to Coreware Private




Copy RDS end point and set in script.
Change variables in buildp1 & buildp2 script to reflect new server
Launch EC2 instance

    - choose Amazon Linux 2 AMI
- Typically, choose M5.Large
- Storage space should be 100GB
    - Set Key pair to Coreware Key



Set the name of both EC2 instance and Volume
no need for an elastic IP because a load balancer will point to the server
ssh to the VPN server
ssh to the server using command "ssh -i /usr/local/bin/CorewareKey.pem ec2-user@"
sudo su -
create and and change mod to 755
after server reboots, add new server to .ssh/config with Port 10110
ssh to server, sudo to root and execute



Edit dump of database
- change corewaredb to corewareinc9db in script files
- change corewaredb to corewareinc9db in dump
- Change client code from CORE to COREWARE9
- Change description of database to Coreware Inc 9
- change to
- Change System name from CORE to COREWARE9
    - change Kim David Software to Coreware, Inc



Transfer files to new server: corewareinc9dbp1.sql, corewareinc9dbp2.sql,
create database on new server
add connection information to, including adding read replica end point
add IP to valid servers on GIT (not necessary on LoadBalancer)
run newcode to load software onto server
point and to the new server
create rule in load balancer to point the cdn, manage, and client domain names to server
after new domain name is pointed, restart apache to clear cache


Last Step

- replace header image
- change CDN Domain preference to

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