How to Manage Run for the Fallen Waivers

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The first thing that needs to happen is for a contact category to be set up for each run. It would be best if the person creating the runs simply created the contact category as well as an additional step to their workflow.


In this example, we will create a contact category for the 2022 Indiana Run. 


Creating a Contact Category


1) Go to Contacts -> Settings -> Categories and click the blue "+ADD" button in the top right corner.



2) Add in the category code, description, and mark it internal use only. Make sure to save.



Assign a Contact to the Appropriate Run Contact Category


1) Go to Contacts -> Contacts and click the Filters button next to the search bar. 



2) Under "Categories" click the checkbox that reads "Signed RFTF Waiver". This is the generic contact category added to every individual who fills out a waiver. Click Save.



3) In this example, there are currently 10 people who have not been categorized. 


4) Open a contact record and go to the forms tab to view the form they submitted. 



5) Scroll down to see which run they are participating in.



6) Go to the "Member" tab and select the appropriate category. Make sure to UNSELECT "Signed RFTF Waiver". Click Save. 



7) You can now filter by the category you're inquiring about to see the list of contacts that are registered for and have filled out the waiver for that run.






State Run Director needs to check who has signed a waiver for a particular run. On a tablet (or even phone), go to Contacts -> Contacts. filter by your run. The list will show you how many people have a waiver signed for that run.


Example Scenario 1:

Problem: Runner claims they filled out the waiver. 

Solution: check the general waiver category "Signed RFTF Waiver" and search for their name. Feel free to adjust the contact record as needed (or just wait till after the run). 


Example Scenario 2:

Problem: Runner did not fill out the waiver.

Solution: Have them sign the waiver from their phone or a tablet. If you want to, you can go in and adjust the contact record right away or wait till after the run. 


Example Scenario 3:

Problem: There is not a way to differentiate at a glance the volunteers from the participants.

Solution: You will just need to create 2 contact categories for each run, 1 for volunteer and 1 for runners. The run director can filter by either category to see A) How many volunteers they can expect and B) how many runners they can expect.


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