ActiveCampaign integration with coreFORCE

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coreFORCE integrates with ActiveCampaign for CRM and email marketing. *


1. Get the connection information from ActiveCampaign


Once you have an ActiveCampaign account, you can set up the integration on the coreFORCE side.  You will need the URL and Key from the API Access page which is found in Settings > Developer in your ActiveCampaign site. (screenshot below)



2. Enter ActiveCampaign connection information in coreFORCE


In coreFORCE, go to Orders > Settings and choose the ActiveCampaign tab.  Enter the API key and URL from the ActiveCampaign site on this tab and click save.  If the first part of your ActiveCampaign URL is the same as your client code in coreFORCE (e.g. MYSTORE and, you can leave URL blank.




3. Install ActiveCampaign site tracking


When the API key and URL are set in Orders > Settings, click the ActiveCampaign Sync link on that page. (If this link does not work, contact Coreware support to set up the page). 


The top part of this page will show the lists which are set up in ActiveCampaign and which coreFORCE contacts match those lists.  That will be explained below.  On the bottom half of the page, under ActiveCampaign Analytics, select the template used for pages in your lives site.  The Analytics Code box will be updated to show the name of the Analytics Code Chunk currently used in that Template.  Click "Install Analytics" to add your ActiveCampaign site tracking code to your site template.



4. Set up ActiveCampaign lists to sync with coreFORCE contacts


The list sync function will sync lists created in ActiveCampaign with contacts in coreFORCE.  The name of the list in ActiveCampaign must match the contact set exactly.  If there is a mismatch, you will see the message "No matching set of contacts in coreFORCE" in ActiveCampaign sync.


Set of Contacts
ActiveCampaign list name (example)
Mailing Lists
coreFORCE contacts who are a part of a particular mailing list
Mailing Lists:Newsletter
coreFORCE contacts who are in a particular contact category
coreFORCE contacts who have made a donation to a particular designation
Designations:Wounded Warrior Project
Designation Groups
coreFORCE contacts who have made a donation to a designation within a particular designation group
Designation Groups:Veterans
coreFORCE contacts who have filled out a particular form
Forms:Safety Waiver
User Groups
coreFORCE contacts who have a user account in a particular group
User Groups:Members
coreFORCE contacts who have purchased a particular product (matching the product description)
Products:Wounded Warrior T-Shirt Black
Product Categories
coreFORCE contacts who have purchased a product in a particular product category
Product Categories:T-Shirts


5. Automatically sync coreFORCE contacts with ActiveCampaign


There is a background process in coreFORCE which will sync contacts with ActiveCampaign.  Contact Coreware support to make sure that this is enabled and to understand the options for how often it can run on your system.


6. Metrics tracked in ActiveCampaign


If your ActiveCampaign account includes Deep Data, when ActiveCampaign is set up in coreFORCE, the following actions will be tracked in ActiveCampaign, allowing automations to be triggered:


  • Browsing your site (site analytics)
  • Viewing a product, adding a product to the cart, and beginning checkout
  • Making a purchase

Contacts sent to ActiveCampaign through the Deep Data integration do not have to be part of a one of the contact sets listed above; they are synced based on their behavior on your site rather than being matched to a list.

Active Campaign can replace the built-in Abandoned Cart functionality in coreFORCE with an automation which includes multiple emails in a drip campaign.  To have ActiveCampaign handle the abandoned cart emails, do the following:

  1. Mark the CART_ABANDONED email in coreFORCE as inactive (in Contacts > Email > Emails). That will prevent your customers from getting duplicate emails.  
  2. Follow the instructions in the following article from ActiveCampaign:


* The ActiveCampaign integration was previously called coreILLA.  As of 2022, coreILLA (v2) is a different product and the coreILLA branding has been removed from the ActiveCampaign integration.

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