NoFraud Integration for coreFORCE

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NoFraud is an industry leading fraud protection platform that we have integrated into coreFORCE. 


NoFraud is so confident in their accuracy that they provide a 100% financial guarantee. If you get a fraud chargeback, they will pay you back.


Important: In order to avoid situations in which a transaction is flagged as fraud but cannot be refunded, coreFORCE requires that the merchant gateway support "Authorize only" (or "preauthorization") transactions.  The coreFORCE integration with does NOT currently support Authorize only transactions, therefore NoFraud cannot be used with in coreFORCE.  We recommend coreCLEAR for full functionality and better rates.



The NoFraud integration in coreFORCE does the following:


  1. The coreFORCE integration with NoFraud relies on a payment gateway feature of "preauthorizing" a transaction. This is because coreFORCE will automatically void payments that fail the NoFraud check. With preauthorized transactions, the card is only authorized when the customer places the order and the authorization can be canceled easily if the order is suspected to be fraud.  Payment gateways that do not support "preauthorization" (or "authorize only" transactions) cannot be used with NoFraud in coreFORCE.
  2. When a customer places an order, the order data (including the customer's credit card number and the responses we get from the payment gateway) are sent to NoFraud via API.*
  3. NoFraud's system automatically reviews the order data and returns one of three responses: Pass, Fail, or Review (meaning that NoFraud staff will manually review the order).
  4. If NoFraud returns "fail", coreFORCE will reject the order and void the customer's payment.  You will never see it in coreFORCE. **
  5. The NoFraud result will be shown in the Order Dashboard.  If the NoFraud result is "review" there will be a warning not to ship the order until NoFraud makes a decision.  You can also click on the "coreGUARD fraud report" button to see a link directly to the transaction on the NoFraud dashboard. (screenshots below).
  6. If the NoFraud result is "review", coreFORCE will connect to NoFraud to check for updates every time you open that order on the order dashboard, so you will know immediately if NoFraud has made a decision on a "review" order.
  7. If you have subscribed to a high enough level of NoFraud's service, they will guarantee their fraud decisions and reimburse you for chargebacks if they miss a fraudulent order.
  8. One of the major advantages of NoFraud is that they will approve a large percentage of transactions that would normally be rejected due to Address Verification System failures. To get the maximum benefit from NoFraud, you should set your AVS settings on your payment gateway to approve all transactions regardless of the AVS result.  If you are using coreCLEAR, you can change those settings right in coreFORCE in Orders > Setup on the Merchant Account tab (last screenshot)

  9. Another major advantage of NoFraud is that you can automate order fulfillment with zero risk if NoFraud passes the order.  To do this, create an Automatic Order Processing Control (Orders > Settings > Automatic Processing Controls)

* Because NoFraud's pricing is based on a percentage of your sales, certain orders that are unlikely to be fraud are not sent to NoFraud.  These are:

- Orders in which the entire order will be shipped to an FFL (if you want to screen these orders anyway, there is a preference to change this)

- Orders for event registrations or facility reservations (since the consumer must come in person for the event)

- If you want to exclude specific additional products from NoFraud screening, this can be done via the custom field "Never Send to NoFraud".  Contact Coreware support to set this up.

** There is a setting in NoFraud called "Passive mode" which is intended to be used for a trial period to see exactly which orders NoFraud will reject and approve.  If "Passive Mode" is turned on, no orders will be rejected because of NoFraud failure.  In this situation, you may see "failed" orders in your order dashboard.  Leaving "passive mode" on indefinitely is not recommended.


If you have any questions about getting started with NoFraud on coreFORCE, email

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