First Steps with coreFIRE

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Welcome to coreFIRE!

If you have completed the Site Setup form and gotten a message from Coreware support that your coreFIRE site has been created, here are the next steps.

We know you're excited to get your customers using coreFIRE and make your site live, but there are several steps that need to be done before you make your site public. Working through these steps will significantly reduce your frustration level and help us by reducing your dependence on Coreware support.

Please read through the following steps and the linked knowledge base articles before contacting support. Our intention and goal is for coreFIRE to be as much of a self-service solution as possible.


Complete coreU course: Getting Started with coreFIRE

This video course is designed to give you a fundamental understanding of coreFIRE and answer the most frequently asked questions in advance.


Verify Your Email Address

You will receive an email with verification request from AMAZON SES right after you onboard.  You will need to click a link in your email to give coreFIRE permission to send email on your behalf.


Add Distributor Credentials


Personalize Your coreFIRE Website


Connect coreSTORE to coreFIRE


Set Up Pricing Structures


Set Up Tax Rates


Set Up Shipping Charges


Connect System Integrations: Credova, NoFraud, GunBroker (Optional)

If you have accounts with the above-mentioned services, it is easy to implement these with coreFIRE.

Go to Setup > Site Defaults > Orders Setup to add the credentials to connect these services.



Connect EasyPost (Optional but Recommended)

coreFIRE supports only EasyPost integration to produce shipping labels.

It is only necessary to add the EasyPost API for the connection to establish.

EasyPost does not take care of taxes and shipping charges, they need to be added separately. See step #7.


Set Up Merchant Account

If you are using coreCLEAR, you can access your merchant account credentials in your coreSTORE by going to

1) Inventory > 2) Locations > Press Edit to open your Location > 3) Open Merchant Processing.

You will need to copy over the API Key, Token and Signing Key to coreFIRE.

If you are using coreCLEAR Priority:

1) please select coreCLEAR MX

2) Enter your username and password you use for

3) Enter your account# (which is on your coreSTORE).


Personalize Emails

If you want to add personality to your default emails, you can do it by going to Setup -> Emails.

If you have coding experience, the templates provide the Javascript and CSS codes.

If you just want to edit the text, please look for text in black starting from line 105 and onward.

Note: please, don't delete or edit Javascript or CSS, if you are new to coding. We will not be able to revert back the changes you introduce.


Test Checkout

Please, make sure that checkout process is smooth:

1) customer can add/delete the items from the cart

2) checkout the selected item from the cart

3) add card information

4) pay

5) receive the order notification email, while you receive an order placement email.

6) To void the test order, please open the order record and proceed with Refund.


Go Live

The final step in going live with coreFIRE is to point your domain name to coreFIRE.

Please don't publish your **** domain name anywhere.

When you go live with coreFIRE, you will be using your own domain name.

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