ATF Ruling 2021R-05F coreSTORE Compliance Responses

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Definition of Firearm, Frame and Receiver

The term “frame” now means the part of a handgun or “variants” (also a defined term) using a handgun design, that provides housing or a structure for the sear or equivalent—that part that holds back the hammer, striker, bolt, or similar component prior to firing.

The term “receiver” means the part of a rifle, shotgun, or projectile weapon other than a handgun, or variants, that provides housing or a structure for the bolt, breechblock or other primary component designed to block or seal the breech prior to firing.

The licensee must understand the new definition of a Frame and Receiver.

Recordkeeping Requirements

The final rule requires all licensed manufacturers and importers to consolidate their records of manufacture, importation, acquisition, and disposition of firearms.

All A&D records can be kept in one boundbook module.

The final rule requires ALL licensees to eliminate duplicate recordkeeping entries.


  • In the event the licensee records a duplicate entry with the same firearm and acquisition information, whether to close out an old record book or for any other reason, the licensee shall record a reference to the date and location of the subsequent entry (e.g., date of entry, book name/number, page number, and line number) as the disposition.

  • The final rule clarifies that licensed dealers (including gunsmiths), manufacturers, and importers may conduct same day on the spot adjustments or repairs to firearms without recording them as acquisitions or dispositions, provided they are returned to the person from whom they were received on the same day.

The licensee must understand the new definition of a Frame and Receiver.

Recording information into the A&D record

Manufacturers MUST record the acquisition of GCA firearms manufactured or otherwise acquired within seven (7) days, or prior to disposition, whichever is sooner.


If there is more than one manufacturer or importer, country of manufacture, or serial number marked on a firearm--


  • Licensees MUST record all firearms markings in the A&D record.

  • Any FFL number either as a prefix, or if remanufactured or imported, separated by a semicolon, placed on a firearm, must be included in the serial number recorded in the A&D record.

The Boundbook module allows the licensee to record all acquisitions.

All firearms acquired by an FFL, except for same day adjustments or repairs returned to the same person, must be recorded as an “acquisition,” in the A&D record.

The license can enter all acquisitions into the Boundbook module.

Bound Book Header

Update the format required for the record of receipt and disposition of firearms


The Boundbook module prints the boundbook report with the proper columns as provided in the example in the regulation.

NFA Requirements

Manufacturers MUST record NFA firearms in the A&D Record by close of the next business day unless there is a sufficient commercial record of acquisition, in which case the grace period to record would be extended until the seventh day.


The Boundbook module allows tracking of NFA and manufacturers can use the boundbook module to track NFA firearms as required by the ruling.

Record Retention

The final rule requires that ALL licensees MUST retain ALL required records (A&D Records and ATF Forms 4473) until the business or licensed activity is discontinued. A&D records must be kept either on paper or in an electronic alternate method approved by the Director, at the licensed business premises readily accessible for inspection.

The Boundbook module stores records indefinitely and in accordance with ATF Ruling 2016-1.

The final rule made changes to § 478.50(a) to make clear that a warehouse may be used for the storage of paper records over 20 years of age.

The licensee is responsible to understand this ruling.

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