Emails not sending from coreFORCE Basic or Standard (Lite)

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Thu, Jun 6 at 1:58 PM by Colt English

coreFORCE Basic and Standard (previously lite) uses the Simple Email Service (SES) from Amazon AWS in order to send emails on your behalf.  If you are having trouble with emails sent from coreFORCE Basic/Standard, here are some steps to try:

1. Is your email address verified with SES?


When you were onboarded to coreFORCE Basic or Standard, an "identity" was set up in SES to allow Amazon to send email on your behalf. When that happened, you should have gotten an email asking you to click a link to verify your identity.  If emails are not sending from coreFORCE, or are sending from a email address instead of your email address, you probably need to verify your email identity.  If the verification link has expired, you can request Coreware support to resend it for you.

2. Is your DNS set up to allow SES to send email for you?


If your email is verified with SES but still not being delivered, you may be missing a special DNS record called the SPF record which tells other mail servers that Amazon is permitted to send on your behalf.  If your DNS is hosted by Coreware this should be already taken care of, but if you control your own DNS you will need to add it.  See the following page for details:

3. Are you using a free email provider?


It is best to use a custom domain for your email address (for example, If you are using a free email address from a popular provider you may run into problems:


ProviderExample address
Google Gmailmygunstore@gmail.comYes, Gmail addresses work fine
Microsoft Outlook or
Partial. Other email addresses will be able to receive email from your address but you will not be able to receive email from coreFORCE at your own address.  This is important for notifications like "a customer has placed an order".
Yahoo Mailmygunstore@yahaoo.comNo. Yahoo's system tells every mail server on the Internet to block mail from addresses unless it originates from Yahoo's own servers.

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