Email Services Configuration in coreILLA - Reply & Forward Settings

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How to Configure Email Services?

Navigate to Settings -> Email Services in the coreILLA interface.

Forwarding Address

  • If a lead responds to an email, the response will appear in the Conversations tab. To send a copy of the lead’s email response to another email address, input the desired email address here.

  • Note: Multiple forwarding email addresses can be entered, separated by a comma. This feature is only supported on Mailgun and LC email, other SMTP providers are not supported.

Reply Address

  • Configure a reply-to address to redirect all incoming emails to a specified email address instead of the Conversations tab.

  • This can be set up in Settings> Email Services> Reply & Forward Settings> Reply Address.

BCC Emails

  • Receive a Blind Carbon Copy of every email sent from a particular location by configuring the settings in Settings> Email Services> Reply & Forward Settings> BCC Emails.

Forward to assigned user

  • The assigned user of a lead will receive email replies in their Email Inbox, with email sent to the address configured in Settings> My Staff> edit User> User Info.

Enable Reply Tracking - Other SMTP Providers

  • Reply tracking is directly integrated with Mailgun and doesn't require additional configuration.

  • When using other SMTP providers, reply-to address configuration will be required to ensure replies are captured in the Conversations tab.


Why don’t attached files get forwarded along with email replies?

  • The forward settings do not support forwarding attachments. To view attachments, access the coreILLA conversation view.

For further assistance, please contact our support team.

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