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Starting August 31, 2023, all A2P messages sent from unregistered ten-digit long code numbers (Local and National numbers) to US numbers will be blocked. 

Carriers are becoming increasingly sensitive to spam and AUP enforcement when it comes to SMS and Calls. To keep spamming in check and to protect the end customer (leads/contacts) they have created various regulations & compliance frameworks. 

This article will help explain which compliance you or your client may need and how to get them.

Trust Center Onboarding Overview

Trust Center provides products that can improve customer engagement by increasing throughput and brand recognition. To access the available Trust Center products, please follow the steps below:

Click on Start Registering Now in the A2P Wizard section.

Determine A2P Brand needs

Does the business you’re registering have a Tax ID (E.g. EIN, CCN etc.)?*

  • Yes, the business I’m registering has a Tax ID (E.g. EIN, CCN etc.).
  • No, the business I’m registering does not have a Tax ID (E.g. EIN, CCN etc.). 
    • Only Business with valid US and Canada address are allowed to register A2P brand without a tax ID.
    • You can find your US EIN on your IRS or previous tax return documents(CP 575).

Business Profile, A2P Brand, and Campaign Registration Status

Once all the steps in the A2P registration are completed, the status of the registration will be fetched and shown:

  • Pending Approval status
  • Approved status
  • Rejected status

If you are getting this error "Maximum 3 tries exhausted, please reach out to support team for next steps.", please provide the location ID: 

We will need to make sure the legal business name and number submitted on the business profile matches exactly with the form.

NOTE: If you're registering a US entity, please enter the exact legal business name as registered with the EIN, which can be found on the CP 575 EIN Confirmation Letter. An exact match between the legal business name and the EIN as displayed on CP 575 is required for the Brand to be successfully registered. Please do not use the legal business name found on the W2 or W9 forms as they may be different from what you have on the CP 575 notice. If you've misplaced your CP 575 notice, you may request a 147c letter from the IRS and use the information there for registration.

Please note that your full legal business name may span multiple lines on your CP 575 / 147c letter. If that is the case, you must input all the lines above the address line (which constitutes your full legal business name) instead of just using the first line.


What is the pre-requisite for A2P Standard registration?

The prerequisite to A2P registration is to create a business profile providing the EIN and additional business registration information.

Are there any charges associated with the Low Standard brand registration?

Yes, there is a one-time $4.41 USD and a monthly Campaign Fee ($1.5 USD to $11.5 USD). For most cases, we have seen this to be $2/month.

What information would be required from the sub-account to move with the registration?

The sub-account will need a business registration EIN and some additional info like address, website and etc.

Is messaging to Canada or any other countries also affected by these changes?

No. Canadian mobile carriers may introduce registered A2P 10DLC solutions in the future, but at this time carriers have not announced any plans to do so.

For information about message sending in countries other than the US, we recommend checking out our country-specific SMS Guidelines pages to learn about any unique rules or restrictions in that country.

I have been sending SMS forever, what has changed?

A2P 10DLC (Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code) is a messaging framework introduced by the wireless industry in the United States to regulate and improve the delivery of Application-to-Person text messages. It aims to address issues related to spam and unwanted messages on long codes while ensuring legitimate businesses can continue using text messaging for communication with their customers.

Does this apply to only marketing campaigns or does it apply to all SMS?

A2P 10DLC is applicable for all Application-to-Person texting like marketing SMS, reactivation campaigns, appointment reminders, prospecting, billing alerts, 2FA login codes, etc. 

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