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In this section, you can see all review requests that you've sent out, whether they have been submitted or not, as well as the information of the customer who received the request.


Note: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.


Send Manual Review Requests


You can send review requests automatically using workflows, campaigns, and triggers, or you can send them manually in individual contacts by clicking this button.


Sending Manual Review Requests


Once you click the "Send Review Request" button, you'll need to input the contact's information. You will need to add their name, and either a valid email address or phone number to send the review request.


To customize how the review request looks, go to the "Reputation Management" section in your CRM settings.


Invites Goal


Invite goals are established as you send more review requests out to your customers. Once you send 20 requests, your goals will update and keep getting higher in order to give you a number to strive for!


Reviews Received


Here you can see the total number of reviews received over a specific timeframe, the percentage increased or decreased compared to the previous timeframe, as well as the sources of those reviews.


Average Review Rating


Here you will see a visual breakdown of your reviews ratings over a certain timeframe, as well as a percentage of increased or decreased rating over that timeframe.


Review Sentiment


When a customer leaves a review of 4-stars or higher, that will count as a positive sentiment. Any review of 3-stars or lower will count as negative sentiment. You can see the percentage increased or decreased here over a certain timeframe.


Invite Trends


Tracking your review request trends will help you understand how often you are sending review invites, and if you need to increase that amount or not.


Review Trends


Here you will see how many reviews you received over a certain timeframe broken down in a trend pattern graph.


Changing Timeframes


In order to change the timeframes of each data tile, simply click the 3 vertical buttons in the top right-hand corner of each tile and select the timeframe you would like to display.


Latest Review Requests


Here you can see a list of all your recent review requests, who you sent the request to, what email/phone number you sent it to, and on what date.


This is great for reference when a customer says they never received the request!


View All Review Requests


To view all recent review requests, click this button or select "Requests" in the secondary navigation bar.


Latest Reviews


Here you can see a list of all your recent reviews submitted by customers, the date when they were submitted, the star rating, and the platform on which they left the review!


View All Reviews


To view all recent review requests, click this button or select "Reviews" in the secondary navigation bar.


Click the "Start Help Guide" button in this section of your CRM to start an interactive, guided tour and learn more about the components found in this section and how to use them!

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