How do I cancel an order in coreFORCE?

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coreFORCE provides the ability to have an unlimited number of Order Status options, most of which have no special meaning in the system. For example, you could have the following Order statuses:


  • Ordered from distributor
  • Dropshipped to customer
  • Ready for pickup
  • Hold for manager review
  • Completed
  • Canceled


Order statuses like these are useful for your business processes, but none of them affect how coreFORCE handles the order. 


coreFORCE sees orders in three groups:


Completed - has been marked completed
Deleted - has been marked deleted
Open - all other orders


You should mark an order completed when the customer has received the item and the order is finalized.


If the customer cancels their order, you need to delete the order. This does NOT mean that the order will be removed from your database. It will merely be flagged as deleted and hidden from the order dashboard. Deleting an order also does the following important things:


  1. Deleted orders are hidden by default in most reports in the system.
  2. Deleted orders are ignored when calculating the available inventory for an item.
  3. Any loyalty points awarded to the customer for the purchase are removed.
  4. Any loyalty points used to purchase the item are returned to the customer's account.


If you set an order status of "Canceled" for canceled orders but do not delete them, you will have problems with both inventory and customers having loyalty points that they did not earn.


It is important to note that deleting an order does NOT refund the customer.  To issue a refund, go to Orders > Refund Dashboard in coreFORCE. 


If for some reason you are unable to issue a refund through the Refund Dashboard, you can issue a refund in your merchant services portal, and then enter the refund as a negative payment on the Orders Dashboard. To do this, click the "Add Payment/Refund" button under the Payments grid. Enter the refund details in the dialog box that pops up.



In the Orders Dashboard you can show deleted orders by clicking the Filters button and unchecking the "Hide Deleted" box



You can also undelete an order if you delete it by mistake.


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