How do I set up redirects in coreFORCE?

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To redirect a URL under your coreFORCE domain to a particular page (or set up aliases for a page), use URL aliases. (in Website > URL Aliases > URL Aliases).


When migrating from a different eCommerce platform to coreFORCE, you may want to set up aliases for links on your old site to the correct link on your coreFORCE site so that search engine links continue to work.  For example, your old site may have had something like this:


You want traffic from Google to continue to reach your site, but you need to send it to the correct coreFORCE link:


In this case, you would want to create a permanent redirect (also called a 301 redirect).  Check the "Permanent redirect" box to have the server send the status "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" to the browser before redirecting.  If this box is left blank, coreFORCE will simply send the browser to the new URL without sending the 301 header.



Importing a list of URL Aliases


When migrating to coreFORCE from an existing site, you will probably have a list of many URLs that you want to redirect.  There is a CSV import function that allows you to do bulk creation of URL aliases.  This is found at Website > URL Aliases > URL Alias CSV Import.


For the example given above, the CSV file to create that URL alias would look like this:


link_name, link_url, domain_name, permanent_redirect
c-196-rifles.aspx, product-category-group/rifles,, 1

For the permanent_redirect field, "0" or nothing will leave the box unchecked.  Anything else in that field ("1", "yes", "TRUE" etc.) will check the box.


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