Editing a Page in coreFORCE with HTML

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The purpose of this page is to show you how you can make quick edits to your page content, regardless of developer experience or background. 


If you would like a more simple guide that doesn't require HTML, click Here.


When Coreware builds a website, our team will start by putting together a template. A template will, at it's simplest, determine how your website will look and operate through CSS and Javascript. From there,  some other basic pages such as a homepage will be created. 


To see the pages on your website, go to Website -> Pages -> Pages. If you do not know the name of the page you are looking for, you can actually find this on the front-end of the website by looking at the address bar (See examples below).








Finding the Page


To find the page you're looking for, simply type a keyword, link name, or script (if you know the page is using a particular PHP script) into the search bar. For this example, we'll use the home page and simply type in the keyword "home". Select the appropriate page from the list. If you don't see the option you're looking for, simply check your spelling and adjust the search parameter. 



Editing the Page


Once you have opened the page, you will see several different tabs across the top. For the purposes of this article, we will only be looking at the tab labeled "Data" as this will be the tab that houses the "Main Content" written in HTML. 





While the purpose of this article is NOT to teach you how to write in HTML, it is helpful to have a baseline understanding of the way HTML is written.


  • Tags will generally look something like <p>"insert content here</p>. Most tags will need a closing tag that usually looks like the first tag "<p>" but with a "/" in front of the tag name "</p>"
  • <DIV> - Essentially a container for your content.
  • <A href> - Links
  • <p> - Paragraph tag write a paragraph like this: <p>This is a paragraph!</p>
  • <li> -these are list items


Example of the above, written in HTML:


For the purposes of editing content, all you would need to change is what's highlighted yellow.


Let's look at how you might use this knowledge to edit some content on your front page:


Putting it into Practice


Take a look at these tabs on our demostore's homepage. 



In the back-end of coreFORCE, we go to the data tab for that page and edit the name of the tabs:



Let's change "Turkey Hunting" to just "Hunting"



Click "SAVE" in the top left corner, and click "GO" in the top right corner to see the change made live.






Editing Other Content


Similar to how this example edited a tab name, this same knowledge can be applied to editing sentences, paragraphs, and links. 


Other Helpful Tricks and Hints


Click inside the "Main Content" box and press ctrl + F to search for the text you are looking to change.


If you are unsure of what the changes might look like, copy and paste the code into https://codepen.io/pen/





The purpose of this article was to give you more control over editing the content of your coreFORCE webpages and to be able to make simple changes and adjustments. If you would like to do anything more extensive and are not sure how to go about this, please contact us by submitting a ticket on our Help Desk and we would be happy to assist you. 

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