How do I create a New Product Page with Specific Items?

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There are a couple ways you can do this. First, some background on how coreFORCE pages work:


All of the pages on your website are linked to a Template.  You can make changes to the Template (e.g. to change an email address in the footer on every page), but you have to be very careful because you could inadvertently make your site unusable by editing the template. Templates are in Website > Templates > Templates.  Most of the templates come from coreFORCE and can not be changed by clients. The only one you need to be concerned with is your site's template, which should have your site's name in it.


Pages are records that are processed through a template, and they run script files which are in the Core system that you never see. As a result, there are some fields in a Page record that you should not edit; again, you could make that page unusable pretty easily. Pages are in Website > Pages > Pages. When you click through the tabs on a Page record, you'll see sections for Javascript, CSS, and Main Content (under Data).  That is where you can make simple changes to the page.  Again, remember that those fields are not ALL the javascript, CSS, or content that will be displayed; most of it comes from the Template.


As a general rule, as an administrator of your site, if you want to add a page, your best bet is always to find a page that is doing something similar to what you want, and use the Duplicate button to create a copy of that page. Then you edit the new page to put in the content you want.


For the specific situation you mentioned, this is probably the best way to do it:


1. Put the products you want into a Product Tag in Products > Taxonomy > Product Tags. You can actually set a manual order for products in a tag, so they will display exactly the way you want. You can then display the contents of a product tag using the Tagged Products Page Module.


2. Create a copy of the Home page in Website > Pages > Pages by using the Duplicate button. You can edit the content on the Data tab in Main Content to make it what you want. Add the following page module tag to display the products with the new Product Tag you create. The red text is what you'll change to the new tag name. The wrapper_element_id needs to be the HTML id of a <div> on the page.


<div id="_page_special_products_content" class="products-content"></div>


3. As long as the page you are editing is a copy and not the original home page, and as long as you don't link it anywhere else on your site until you're ready for it to be live, you should be safe to experiment with it to get it the way you want. You can certainly break the page, but you won't break the whole site by changing the page.


This can also be done using Product Search Groups (which are not public; only customers with a link can access them) or with a special link which will pre-filter search results. See this article for more details:


Tag and Menu Modules.

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