Understanding Pricing Structure in coreFORCE

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Setting a Pricing Structure for your products in coreFORCE allows you to be as flexible as you need to be. 


Setting up Pricing Structures


Pricing structures are inherently a business decision and so we don't make any recommendations on how you should set this up, but here is an example of what it COULD look like using our Demostore as an example.



Where to Set Pricing Structure


Pricing Structure can be set in several places:


1) User Type

2) Product 

3) Product Type

4) Manufacturer

5) Category

6) Department




Order of Priority


Order of priority starts with 1 and ends with 8. In other words, setting a pricing structure per user type has the highest priority. the pricing structure with the code PUBLIC will have the lowest priority. 


Each of these steps in priority is also checked against whether the user is logged in and if the pricing structure is limited to a type.


So the scenario would be that DEFAULT only applies to logged in users, or is limited to a user type, which means that an anonymous user would fall back to PUBLIC.




If a product's pricing structure is not set in 1-6 but the user IS logged in, the system will use the DEFAULT pricing structure.


If a product's pricing structure is not set in 1-6 and the user is NOT logged in, the system will use the PUBLIC pricing structure.


If a product's pricing structure is set in 5 (Category), this will override the pricing structure being set in 6 (Department).


If a product's pricing structure is set in User Type, this will override Everything.


Troubleshooting Display Prices

If your product is not displaying the expected price on your website, you should first go to your product and check the Calculation log on the pricing tab to determine which pricing structure is currently being used. From here, you can look in the above list of places to see where the pricing structure is set and deduce why that might be the case. 


As always, if you have any questions about your pricing structures, please submit a Support ticket on our Help Desk.

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