Pricing Structure in coreFORCE Basic and Standard (Lite)

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When you initially set up your default pricing structure, you will have an option between setting it as:


  1. Markup from Cost
  2. Discount from List Price (MSRP)
  3. Margin on Cost

Base Choices for Default Pricing Structure


For each of these, you will have an option to set a base percentage and a minimum profit. Each of these also has a minimum percentage option but this is used less often.


Additionally, as a default pricing structure, it is wise to check the option marked "Use list price if no sale price or cost is set". This is a good fall-back value to have as sometimes distributors will push product with no cost. In these situations, it is best to find the cost, but the list price is generally a safe fallback. 


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Additional Pricing Structures


When setting up additional pricing structures, you have a bit more options. 

Pricing Structures can be set for specific departments, categories, manufacturers, product Types, or even specific products.


Of course, because. you can set pricing structures in different places, there is an order of hierarchy. A pricing structure set directly for a specific product will override a pricing structure set for a product type and so forth.


In addition to these specific settings, the same options exist as in the default pricing structure.



Additional Notes


It is important to keep in mind that a price set for local inventory from coreSTORE will override any pricing structure that you have set. 


You can set as many pricing structures as you like. 


Resolving Questions on Pricing


If there is ever any confusion regarding where a particular price is coming from, you should first check your coreSTORE pricing. From there, you should check the product record in coreFORCE Basic/Standard (previously Lite) to determine if the price you are seeing equates to MAP, list price, or another field such as minimum price.


If you are still not seeing where the price is coming from, you should check the product type, manufacturer, category, and department of that product in coreFORCE Basic/Standard and determine whether there are any corresponding pricing structures. 

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