How do I set up recurring billing for memberships?

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1. You will need to set up a recurring payment type in Payments > Recurring Payment Types. Click Add to create a new type. There is a preset for monthly billing, which is the most common situation. Just select Monthly from the preset drop down menu. You can also set up other billing types such as weekly.


2. When your recurring payment type is set up, click on Products > Products > Subscriptions to create your first subscription.  Put the name of the subscription in the Subscription Code and Description fields.  Click Add Product.


3. You will see a new product appear at the bottom on the page. Enter the description and detailed description, category and image that you want customers to see.


4. coreFORCE gives you the option to offer customers a special sign up option for the start of their subscription (for example, get the first month free; or pay $50 for the first 3 months and $25 per month after that). Enter the price, number of months included in the startup, and select Monthly as the recurring payment type. Then enter the appropriate details for the renewal product.  If you do not want to offer a startup special, just enter the same price for both products. Click Save to create the subscription and the products.


5. When you are logged in as an administrator of the system, you will see the startup and renewal products as two separate items. But your customers will only see one. This is because the renewal product is automatically tagged "internal use only" which means that only administrators can see it.


6. Once your customers have signed up for your subscription, you will see their recurring payments in Payments > Recurring Payments. If any of the payments fail (e.g. credit card is expired), you will get a notification and the recurring payment will be flagged as "requires attention."


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