Renewing Memberships/Fixing Recurring Payments

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Mon, 21 Nov 2022 at 03:08 PM by Hannah Harris

Per prices changing, the only reason a price would/could change is if someone changed the price of the membership in coreFORCE


For renewing membership, there are a few key factors... 


  1. Do they have a saved payment method under their contact?
  2. If they do have a saved payment method, is there recurring payment account already set up?
  3. If they do have a saved payment method, but no recurring payment account set up, you can create one using the saved payment method. May be good to send them a reminder since it's an annual membership. 
  4. If they do NOT have a saved payment method, and no recurring payment account set up, it may be best if they simply purchase a new annual membership. You can do this from the Order Entry page: Order Entry Walkthrough Video. Otherwise, you can get them to add a saved payment method to their account and then use that to manually create a recurring payment record. 
  5. Both 2a and 2b assume they correctly have a contact subscription set up. 
  6. Is their coreFORCE contact ID (the one that holds the membership/waiver) connected to the coreSTORE customer record via the ecommerce ID field

After thorough review, I believe the Subscription Report showing inactive AND expired subscriptions will be the most useful.


In excel, you can filter in/out or sort your expired/inactive subscriptions as needed.

If you need to cross-compare, you can always export all of your recurring payment maintenance records. 


From Recurring Payment Maintenance, there is a filter option next to the search bar which will show you only accounts that "require attention". There are currently 7 accounts that require attention, 2 from this month, 2 from December, 2 from September, and then one from June. Some customers (especially non-profits) will go through and check these daily just to be absolutely sure they are being kept up with. Other customers will do them weekly. It seems to become more difficult after a month. 

These accounts will not attempt to charge until one of the following happens:


  1. The customer updates their card information.  This will automatically clear "requires attention". They can do this on the my account page under Payment methods.
  2. You clear the "requires attention" box.  You can do this if the customer lets you know that they have resolved whatever issue was going on with their card but don't need to give you a new card number (for example, if the card was declined for insufficient funds, the customer has put sufficient funds into the account)
    NOTE: if the customer replaced a payment method with a totally different card, you will also need to select the new payment method in the dropdown list under Payment Information.  Normally there should only be two options in the list, the old inactive account which is selected, and the new account which the customer added.
  3. You update the customer's payment information for them.  You can do this on the Recurring Payments screen by select [New Account] in the Account dropdown under Payment Information and then filling in their new card details (see screenshot)


Additionally, there is a Recurring Payment Report that you may find useful. This report shows the start date, next billing date, payment method, any potential errors, and the amount of the renewal for each individual.

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