Unrestrict a state in coreFORCE for a Customer

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A law enforcement officer inquires about purchasing UPC 708279013911, normally restricted for NY.  You removed the restriction for NY and checked the box for "do not update from coreware catalog."  Then saved the entry so the officer could make their purchase.  After a short period of time the officer advised us that it wouldn't let them make their purchase.  Upon review of the them, the restriction for NY was back in place.  The last time we had this issue we were advised to check the box so it didn't update from the coreware catalog, now it seems that doesn't work.  Can someone look into this?


Background on Shipping Restrictions:


Shipping restrictions are not affected by the catalog update settings; they will always be overwritten by the distributor import process.  The reason for this is that even if you allow a customer to purchase a product from a restricted state, the distributor will reject the order when you submit it for dropship.




There are three steps to get a user to be able to purchase and ignore restrictions:


  1. Create a custom field with code 'IGNORE_PRODUCT_RESTRICTIONS'. This should be type "Contacts" and be a checkbox". Typically, the label would be something like "Customer can purchase restricted products". I just created this custom field in your system.
  2. The customer MUST have a user account. They cannot purchase as a guest, obviously, because then anyone would be able to purchase restricted products. It is your responsibility to vet the customer and make sure they actually can purchase these restricted products.
  3. Find the customer contact, go to the Custom tab and check the box for "Customer can purchase restricted products". Then, if the user is logged in, they will find no restrictions on products.

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