How to Handle Transfers in coreSTORE

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Wed, 30 Nov 2022 at 10:53 AM by Hannah Harris

First, you will want to make sure the item is already in your inventory. If it is not, you will go to Inventory -> Items, click on the + New Item button, and add the new item with all required ATF information (this will be going into the bound book once received). Make sure to check the box that says "Item has Serial Number", and also uncheck the box that says "Is Ecommerce Item". In addition, under the Pricing tab, make sure that the prices are set at 0.

Next, you'll go to PO & Receiving. Find the item you put in and search by serial number. 

Fill out the supplier's FFL, add payment, and click Finish to complete the receiving.

Next, you'll put that item into suspended sale for the customer that will be picking up that item. Go to Sales, search the serial number, enter the customer's name, and click the Suspend Sale button, then select "Transfers" from the drop-down list.

If you do not see "Transfers" in the drop-down list, you will need to go into Store Config and add it under Suspended Sales/Layaways.

  1. Put "Transfers" for Suspended Sale Type.
  2. Deduct for Update Inventory (commit will also work).
  3. Check "Require Customer" box.
  4. Check "Show Receipt After Suspending" box.

A 4473 will be started for that customer and they will just need to finish it when they arrive to pick up the item.

When they come in to pick up the item, you'll complete the sale like any other. Go to Sales and click on the Suspended Sales button, which will bring up a list of all suspended sales. Click on the Unsuspend button, then, once on the Sales screen, click Complete Sale.

If you go into the bound book, you will see it disposed of.

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