Suspended Sales/Layaways Section Guide

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For each different suspended sale type, you can now set how it behaves on a granular level. This will affect your reports so make sure to go to the Company>Settings module and use the search box or the jump to drop-down menu to get you to the Suspended Sales/Layaways section to set your suspended sales the way that fits your business best.


  • Sort (1): Using the arrow icons, you can change the order of the suspended sale types. Simply click on the arrow icon, hold down on your mouse, and drag the suspended sale to where you want (For an example of how this works, see the steps in process: Modules Section Guide).
  • ID (2): This field is auto-populated upon adding a new suspended sale type by using (13) then by clicking the Save button. (Note: You can not edit this field.)
  • Suspended Sale Type (3): Input the name of the suspended sale type.
  • Update Inventory (4): Choose from the drop-down list below how you would like inventory to be updated when suspending the sale (Do not updateCommit, or Deduct).
    • If you select Do not update, the inventory will not be updated at all.
    • If you select Deduct, when you suspend the sale, it will deduct that amount of inventory sold from the current quantity on-hand.
    • If you select Commit, it does not touch your current quantity on-hand, instead, it adds the quantity to the committed bucket. The inventory that is available to sell is calculated by taking the quantity on-hand less the quantity of what's committed.

  • Treat as a Sale (5): Check this box to have the sale appear in sales reports as soon as it's suspended. In order to have it not appear in sales reports, uncheck this box.
  • Change Sale Date when Suspending (6): Check this box to have the sale date changed to the date you suspended the sale each time you suspend a sale.
  • Change Sale Date on Completion (7): Check this box to have the sale date changed when the sale is completed, rather than when it is suspended.
  • Hide in Reports (8): Check this box to hide the suspended sale from any sales reports while it's suspended.
  • Minimum Deposit (9): Input the minimum percent deposit amount required for this suspended sale to be completed. For example, if you want a suspended sale to only be completed if it has a percentage amount of 5% or greater, you would input 5 here.
  • Require Customer (10): Check this box to require that a customer be selected in order to suspend the sale.
  • Show Receipt After Suspending (11): Check this box to have a receipt displayed after the sale is suspended.
  • Delete (12): Click Delete to delete that suspended sale type.
  • Add Suspended Sale Type (13): Click Add Suspended Sale Type to add a new suspended sale type.

NoteLayaway (14), Estimate (15), Work Order (16), and Special Order (17) are default suspended sale types that you cannot change the Update Inventory option for or DeleteTransfers (18) is a suspended sale type that you may want to enter manually if you might need to transfer firearms from another FFL (for more information and how to set up Transfers in this section, see How to Handle Transfers in coreSTORE). Internet Order (19) is automatically created under Store Config if you connect your eCommerce platform and have online orders come over into the system.

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