How to Manage Deleted Item Kits

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Thu, 03 Nov 2022 at 04:13 PM by Hannah Harris

When you delete an item kit in coreSTORE, the item kit is not actually deleted from your coreSTORE, it is just moved to the Deleted Item Kits screen. If you need to view or retrieve an item kit from this screen and return it to the Item Kits sub-module, first go to the Inventory module (1) and select the Item Kits sub-module (2). 



Next, click on the "..." button (3), and select Manage Deleted Item Kits (4).



On the Deleted Item Kits screen you can use the search bar to narrow down the item kit you are looking for by (A) typing in what you are looking for, or (B) selecting from the drop-down lists which fields or categories you want to search. In order to complete your search, click the Search button (C). 


The deleted item kits list will show you a list of the item kits that you have deleted from your inventory. It tells you how many item kits you have deleted (D), and clicking on the gear button (E) allows you to choose which columns you want to show, or rearrange the order in which the columns appear in the list.


For each item kit, there is a checkbox (F) that you can check to select an item kit or item kits, and columns (G) that tell you details about the item kit(s).



In order to retrieve an item kit or item kits from this screen and return it to the Item Kits sub-module, use the checkbox (F) to select the item kit(s) that you would like to retrieve, and a couple of options will show up above the deleted item kits list. You can undelete the item kit(s) by clicking on the Undelete button (H), thereby returning it to the Item Kits sub-module, or if you selected the wrong item kit(s), you can click on the Clear Selection button (J).



Once you are done managing your deleted item kits, click the Done button (K) to return to the Item Kits sub-module.


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