Printing 3310 ATF Forms

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Tue, 15 Nov 2022 at 04:42 PM by Hannah Harris

As of this date there is no way to directly print all of your previously completed 3310 ATF forms as we don't have an interface yet for working with the 3310 forms. What you can do, however, is enter a URL in the browser to display the 3310 you filled out at the time, and then click the Print PDF button for each one.


To do that, enter this URL in your browser:<id> (change where it says "yourstore" to the store name for your coreSTORE application, and where it says "<id>" input the BoundBook ID number of the form).


For example, if you wanted to open the 3310 for BoundBook ID 4, you'd use this URL:


There's a caveat, though, because there may be duplicates. Whenever you click "Fill Out Form 3310.4" from an alert that shows at the top of the Bound Book screen, it creates a new 3310 form for you to fill out that gets saved as a record when you click Print PDF or Submit By Email. So if you did that once, closed the page, didn't dismiss the alert from the top of the Bound Book page, and then clicked the "Fill Form 3310" button again in the alert and printed (or emailed) it again, you would make a duplicate of the 3310 record.



We are working on making the 3310 ATF Forms more accessible, so make sure to follow the What's New updates for news concerning this feature!

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