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Step #1 - create a fixed price gift card


In Products > Products, add a new product.  Set the product type to Gift Card.  The name of the product can be anything you want, but the product code should NOT be "GIFT_CARD".  For example, if you are creating a $50 gift card, the product code can be GIFT_CARD_50.


On the pricing tab, set the fixed price for the gift card as the Sales Price.  It should look like this:




Do not duplicate the built-in GIFT_CARD product to create fixed price gift cards.  The built-in product is intended only for selling gift cards at a customer-chosen price through the Purchase Gift Card page.  It is marked as a custom product and will not work correctly if a sale price is set for it.


Step #2 - create a promotion or product pack using the gift card


Once the gift card with a fixed price has been created, it can be sold as a standalone product and it will always have the face value that is set as the sale price on the pricing tab.  It can be discounted as any other product would and will retain the original value.


For example, you could create a promotion to give the gift card away free with a certain purchase amount by adding the gift card product on the Rewards tab of the promotion and setting the Order Minimum amount on the details tab.



You could also include the gift card in a product kit to provide a specific discount to a product.  To do this, add a new product in Products > Products, set a sale price on the pricing tab, and add the kit contents on the Options tab.



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