Setting Up and Managing Gift Cards in coreFORCE

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Setting up Gift Cards from Scratch


If you are setting up gift cards for the first time, you will need to first go to Orders -> Setup. Additionally, you can press SHIFT twice and search for Setup.


In Setup, go to the gift cards tab. If gift cards have not already been set up, you will see a button that says "Yes, the Store will Offer Gift Cards." Clicking this button will set up a payment method type, payment method, product type, product, and then custom fields for recipient email address and gift message.



If Gift Cards have already been set up, this is what you will see in Setup.


If they are not enabled yet, you will want to:


1. Go to Products -> Taxonomy -> Departments. Click the  blue "+ ADD" button and add a department with the code GIFT_CARDS.


2. Then, go to Products -> Taxonomy -> Categories to also add a category with the code GIFT_CARD. Under Departments Tab, make sure that your newly-created Department named Gift Cards is on the right side before hitting Save.



3. After this, you will want to create a gift card page from the pages tab in Setup (See picture). Select the main template for your website and then click the checkbox that says "Purchase Gift Card." Make sure to click save and the page will be created. 



4. Last, you are encouraged to do the following for the gift card product that was created in Products -> Products:


  • Add an image, create a detailed description with the terms of use of the card, and limit payment methods that can be used to purchase a gift card to credit cards or ACH.

Viewing Active Gift Cards


To view all of your gift cards that have been created in the system, go to Payments -> Gift Cards. From here, you can see your gift cards, how they were purchased, who they were purchased by, and if applicable, who they were purchased for. Gift Cards marked "API Created Gift Card" are gift cards that were created via API when they were purchased in coreSTORE.



Gift Card Payment Method


This is actually set up for you via Orders -> Setup. However, if you would like to, you could also dd an image here that would make it appear as an icon (this is actually required for visa, mastercard, amex, etc.)



Enabling Gift Card Emails


If you would like to review and customize the emails that get sent to your customers, please see our video and knowledge base article on Setting up Emails and Notifications in coreFORCE.


Whenever a gift card is purchased, the recipient can receive an email of the gift card. This email can be customized in Contacts -> Email -> Emails. Select the email template with the code RETAIL_STORE_GIFT_CARD. From here, you can edit the appearance of the email and send a test email to yourself.


Please review the aforementioned video and knowledge Base article for more details on this process and to enable additional gift card emails.


Selling fixed price gift cards


If you would like to sell gift cards with fixed prices (e.g. $50, $100, $200 etc.), you can do this by creating new products in your system.  Do the following:


  1. In Products > Products > Products, click Add.
  2. In the product maintenance page that opens, enter the information you want for your gift card product.  The description and image can be whatever you want, but the following fields must be set:
    1. Product Type: Gift Card
    2. Virtual Product: checked
    3. Non-inventory item: checked
  3. On the pricing tab, enter the sale price in the grid at the bottom.
  4. On the Data tab, select the custom fields for Gift Card recipient email address and gift card message.


When a customer purchases this gift card, the system will create a new gift card for the amount that the customer paid.  If you want to create multiple fixed price gift cards, you can duplicate this product and change the description, link name, and price to add extra options.


NOTE: do NOT duplicate the system-generated Gift Card product.  Because it can have any value, it is marked as a custom product, which will create problems if you try to set a fixed price on it.


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