Form that Registers Someone for an Event in coreFORCE

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Tue, 23 Aug 2022 at 10:17 AM by Ethan Harris

Three things are needed when building this type of form:


  1. An event ID.

    This can be a hidden field with a single event ID. Alternately, it could be a select dropdown with choices of events. Ultimately, when the form is submitted, there needs to be a field named "event_id" with a valid Event ID (in the client and not past).

    This needs to be included in the form as it has to be part of the submitted data with the form. This works exactly the same as "help_desk_type_id" for a form that creates a ticket.
  2. A contact ID. This means the form either requires a logged in user or it creates a contact.
  3. Finally, the form definition needs the action file field to be set to ""



Potential Use Cases:


You have a non-profit event where you need to capture specific custom contact information/have the registrant fill out a waiver at the time of signing up for the event, perhaps for a 5k event. 


You have a paid class or event happening and you plan to capture payment via coreSTORE at the event instead of at signup. Additionally, you need registrants to fill out a waiver at the time of signing up for the event.


Additional Notes:


Creating a form that registers someone for an event assumes that the event will not require payment. 


A form could be created to sign someone up for an event, paid or unpaid, but they will be registered without payment. If you have a paid event, the customer will need to pay via coreSTORE at the time of the event. If you go this route, it would be best to have no pre-paid options  available so that, to avoid confusion, every customer who shows up to the event will be unpaid and require payment. 

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