How to set up search term synonyms?

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Wed, 14 Sep 2022 at 10:02 AM by Hannah Harris

coreFORCE offers unique tools, one of which is Search Term Synonyms. This tool enables you to tailor the search results for your website visitors. For instance, your customers might type in " Ruger 1911" in the search box while looking for Ruger sr1911. Or, intending to find KUSA KR103 7.62X39 16 AMBER LAMINATE, the user enters AK47 or Kalashnikov in the search box. Moreover, there are brand names that are easy to misspell. Monastor would be a good example of often misspelled terms. Add its misspelled versions such as 'monster', 'monaster', 'monastir', or 'monostart' as search term synonyms to show Monastor items in the search results. 


IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: if you create a search term synonym, the redirected search term will NEVER be searched in coreFORCE. Any products that would be returned by that search will be effectively hidden. For instance, before creating the search synonym, "1911", typing this in the search box returns hundreds of results. But if  "1911" is set as a synonym for a specific product such as "Ruger sr1911", the search results will show few very specific products. So, including too many criteria into the search terms will show only specific items in search results. 


Please, go to PRODUCTS-> SETTINGS -> SEARCH TERM SYNONYMS. Press Add and fill in the required fields.



After saving the terms, please clear the cache to test your settings.


Moreover, some synonyms are redundant. On the left sidebar of coreFORCE, you can see how the system interprets the search. For instance, if you search for ak-47, the search term shown is already ak47, so there is no need to add ak47 as a search term synonym. 


Relevance Search Multipliers could be a better substitute for Search Term Synonyms. They allow you to move the items of the highest importance above others in the search results without limiting the search results.

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