Smartwaiver Integration

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 08:31 AM by Abbey Hill

Smartwaiver is a platform that allows you to create and manage custom electronic waivers for your clients. CoreSTORE integrates very simply with Smartwaiver. 

Follow the steps below:

1. Login to Smartwaiver. If you don't have a Smartwaiver account, you can create one here.

2. Go to My Account > API Keys > Create new API key (name the key anything you like, ex. coreSTORE API key)

 3. Copy the API key and paste it into coreSTORE under Store Config > Smartwaiver > Smartwaiver API Key ( Be sure to put this in the API Key field, NOT the Webhook Private Key field)

 5. In Smartwaiver, go to My Account > Webhooks > Show Webhook Private Key. Copy that into Store Config  > Smartwaiver > Webhook Private Key in coreSTORE. 

6. Copy the webhook URL in coreSTORE and paste it into the webhook URL field in the Smartwaiver account settings.

7. Save store config.

8. Once settings are saved you can go back into the Smartwaiver config and select the waiver you would like to use.

How the integration works: 

1. The SmartWaiver info is sent to coreSTORE

2. We try to find the customer using the driver's license number, if it was provided to Smart Waiver, and it has to match exactly. If a match is found, we simply attach the waiver and that's it.

3. If no driver's license number is provided, or we don't find a match, we then try to match based on email. If it matches, same thing, we attach the waiver and that's it.


4. If no driver's license matches and no email matches, we create a completely new customer using the info from SmartWaiver.

How it works in coreSTORE:

When you add a customer to the Sales screen, if they have signed a waiver, there will be a Waiver button. It will be red if expired or if it expires/tomorrow, yellow if it expires within 30 days, and green otherwise. To view when the waiver expires, hover over the button. To view the waiver PDF, click on the button and the PDF will open in another tab of the browser:


What does "Retrieve Smartwaiver Waiver" do?

-This button is only for grabbing a specific waiver if one was ever missed. 

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