How to set up NoFraud in coreFORCE

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Wed, 18 Jan 2023 at 02:08 PM by Jeff Cummins

1. Log in to the NoFraud portal at

2. In the NoFraud portal, click on Integrations on the left side bar and click "Create New Integration"


3. Select "Other" for the integration type and click "Next".

4. Enter the details for your website and click Save.

5. Click on View/Edit next to the integration to see the API Key for your integration.  Click on "Copy key" to copy your API Key to the clipboard.

6. In coreFORCE, in Orders > Setup on the NoFraud tab, paste the API key you copied into the "NoFraud token" field.  You will also need to enter your customer number from NoFraud (Found in the NoFraud Portal Integrations > Device JavaScript).

Please read the notes about orders shipped to FFLs and "passive mode" on this page.  If you want orders shipped to FFLs to be screened by NoFraud, check that box as well.

7. Click the "Set up NoFraud" button to finish the setup for NoFraud in coreFORCE.

8. As the final step, you will need to locate your integration in the NoFraud Portal by going to Settings > Advanced Settings and toggle "Live Mode" to show 'enabled'.

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