How to connect 8500 to the network

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The 8500 is ETHERNET ONLY and is a Counter Top or Mounted Terminal. It is not handheld!

Connecting to your PC/MAC and Wifi

  • The 8500 can connect to the Internet 3 different ways. 
    • Via a Router with an Ethernet Cable. 
    • Via Ethernet Cable to a Wireless Wifi Adapter ( 
    • Via connecting to your PC via Ethernet Cable and using Connectify to turn your PC into a Network Sharing Device.

  • You will need to plug your Terminal via the Dongle into a outlet to power on the device, then you will need to connect the Dongle via Ethernet Cable to a PC or Router or Wifi Adapter. If you plug in the Dongle to the power supply first, then plug in Ethernet, connection may not be established when going through the steps for Setting up 8500 Terminal. Make sure to Power Cycle before moving on. (Unplug from the wall and plug back in)
    • You can share the network your PC is connected to with the Ethernet Port but this can result in dropped connections and instability as Windows 10 has had proven issues of this type of connection not being stable. If you chooses this option you will need to go into Settings, and Go into the Network/Internet menu. From there you will see an option called Change Adaptor options, you will choose Wifi>Right Click Wifi > Properties > Choose to Share the Network. We recommend Connectify, NOT sharing network via Ethernet Port as this option can provide unreliable network connections.
  • Connectify - You would need to go to and Download the Connectify Hotspot! This will turn your PC into a Virtual Router. You would recommend to them to buy the 3x Hotspot MAX Lifetime license. They can locate this at the following URL. (See Image Below for Reference)

  • Download Connectify then Open Connectify App. You will see the popup dialog box. (Reference Image Below) You will need to Share the Network by going to the Settings Tab
    • Choose Wired Router 
    • Internet to Share (Leave this set to Automatic)
    • Set Network Access to Routed.
    • Share Over (usually there is one option and if there is more than one and one doesn’t work, try the other) 
    • Click Start Hotspot
  • If the terminal doesn’t connect, and the 8500 is already connected/on, power cycle by unplugging and replugging it into the dongle.
  • To verify it’s connected to the internet > BlockChyp > Partner Tools > look up the customer and verify that the terminal is connected.
  • The only way to verify it is connected is on BlockChyp
  • If it is still not popping up, keep power cycling it.

(This is the Connectify Hotspot App Dialog Box)

Setting up 8500 Terminal

  • Power On the coreCLEAR Equinox 8500 Terminal. Once Booted Up, you will see the coreCLEAR banner.

  • Press and Hold the Magnifying Glass button for 5 Seconds and then double-click it - to go to Setup Menu

  • A screen will pop-up with 2 Menu Options - Utilities and Setup. Choose Setup!
  • Then under the Setup Menu - Choose System Config>Network! The following options will need to be selected:
    • Enable HTTPS - Choose ON! Then select Next!
    • Please Select a Network - WIRED; then Please Select Wired Network - ETHERNET. (You can leave USB off)
    • Network Configuration - Always choose DHCP
    • If "Failed to enable DHCP: Disconnected" error shows, Terminal is not connected to the Internet. 
    • If "Successfully Enabled DHCP" messages shows and an IP Address is showing, Terminal is connected to the Internet. See Images Below for Reference!



  • Then click Continue to return to the System Config menu. In this Menu, you will be able to Update the Date/Time, Audio Settings, Power Management, Printer Settings.
    • In the Date/Time sub-menu, you can Enter The Date and Enter the Time and Time Zone. Terminal Defaults Time Zone to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time—is the 24-hour time standard used as a basis for civil time today.)
    • In the Audio sub-menu, you can set the terminal to Forward Touchscreen and Keypad beeps to Headphones. Terminal defaults this to OFF, this is customer preference. You can change the Built-In Speaker Volume and Media Volume, again this is to the customers preference. Click Save!
    • In the Power Management sub-menu, you can change the Brightness Percentage for the Screen and Keypad, as well as the Inactivity Timeout (Sleep Mode), we recommend NEVER as we have had issues with the Terminal struggling to wake up from Sleep Mode in some instances.
    • In the Printer Settings. you can set the Terminal to notify the customer when the paper spool in the printer is depleted. The terminal defaults this setting to Off. We recommend Star Micronics receipt printers. These can be found on our coreSTORE Recommended Hardware List.

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