Labels Sub-Module Overview

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The Labels sub-module (found in the Inventory module) is where you can add or manage the labels used in your coreSTORE. This sub-module consists of two sections.


(1) qzTray Connection Manager and Done Button

(2) Done Button

(3) Manage Labels



(1) qzTray Connection Manager


The qzTray Connection Manager is where you will manage your coreSTORE's connection to qzTray, which allows you to print labels from coreSTORE (for more information about setting up label printing, see How To Direct Print: Printing Labels With Your Zebra Printer). When you first open the Labels sub-module, the manager will be red and say Connection: Error (A). Click on the open link icon (B) to go to the website where you can download qzTray.



If the link doesn't work automatically, the screen will update and show the 'Click here to download qzTray' link (C), which you can also use to go to the website. Once you have downloaded and installed qzTray, reload coreSTORE to show the open link icon (B), and click on it to open qzTray, then click on the Connect button (D) to connect coreSTORE to qzTray.



Once the connection is successful, the manager will turn green and say Connection: Active (E), also removing the open link icon (B). If you need to disconnect from qzTray, click the Disconnect button (F). If you need to view the network info (IP and Physical Address), click the List Network Info button (G).



If you disconnect qzTray and coreSTORE by clicking the Disconnect button (F), the manager will turn grey, saying Connection: Inactive (H), also showing the open link icon (B).


(2) Done Button


To go to the Items sub-module of the Inventory module, click the Done button (J).



(3) Manage Labels


The Manage Labels section lists the labels that have been added to coreSTORE, which you can manage by using the following:


[Note: For more information on how to add/edit labels, see Configure Label Types in coreSTORE]


  • Download Labels (K): If you do not want to add/edit your own labels, Coreware has a library of pre-built labels that can be accessed using the Download Labels button. Click the Download Labels button, which will show a pop-up window. Select which label you want to add to your coreSTORE and click the Download button to add that label to the list of labels in your coreSTORE.
  • Add Label (L): Click [Add Label] to add a label to coreSTORE.
  • Edit (M): Click [Edit] to edit that label.
  • Delete (N): Click [Delete] to delete that label.


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