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The Transactions that you can process through Quick Pay are card, cash, check, and ACH transactions. To make a payment simply click the green Quick Pay button in the left-hand menu. 
When you click on the green Quick Pay button in the left-hand menu a pop-up will appear just as you see in the image below

Across the top are drop-downs with the default selection showing. To change them for the current transaction click on the down arrows to the right of each word (defaults can be set in payment settings).

  • Type of sale - Sale or refund
  • Tender type - Card, cash, check or ACH
  • Presentment type - for card: card present, card not present, swiped, terminal.

The type and presence of the tender will determine the fields available to process the payment.

Select Advanced in blue at the bottom to access additional data fields that can be added to the payment. Please note all fields under the advanced section are optional. 

Now you will see the pop-up has expanded with the following fields:

  • Memo / Note – a free-form text box
  • Customer Name – you can either search for a customer here or enter a new customer name. If a customer name is entered that does not already exist a new record will be created for them
  • Customer Number – search for an existing customer by customer number or use this field to enter your own unique number
  • Invoice – here you can enter your own invoice number for this payment
  • Tax Exempt - Yes/No. Defaults to No
  • Tax Amount – how much of the total above is tax. If nothing is entered the system will default to 7% for reporting purposes only to help you qualify for the best rate
  • Authorize – If toggle to no, a field is displayed to enter an offline authorization code. This option is not available to Clerks
  • Settle Funds – If the toggle to yes, it will add funds to the day’s settlement. If toggled to no, it does not add funds to the day’s settlement. This option is not available to Clerks.
  • Vault Card – If toggled to yes, card information will be saved. If toggled to no, card information will not be saved. The card will display only the last four digits.

See the link below on how to process a Sale 



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