MX™ Refund using Quick Pay Button

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To process a new refund use the following steps:

  • Click the green Quick Pay button on the left menu
  • Select payment type: Refund (Top)
  • Select payment method: Card, Cash, or ACH (Top)
  • Select the presentment type or indicator if the card or ACH (Top)
  • Enter an Amount
  • Select Refund or Swipe Card

    To process a refund on an existing payment use the following steps:
    • Select Payments from the left-hand menu
    • Locate the original sale on the payment list
    • Select the reference number in green for the sale that you want to refund
    • At the bottom right of the pop-up select the void or refund button
    • Enter in the refund amount in the pop-up (must be equal to or less than the sale)
    • Select the refund button in the bottom right of the pop-up

Approved Or Declined 

Once the Charge button is selected a pop-up will be displayed showing the status of the transaction: Approved or Declined. An Approved transaction allows for a receipt to be sent via email and text or printed. A declined transaction gives the option to try running the payment again.



Congratulations! After you click the charge or tender button and see the image above this tells you that the payment was processed successfully and now you can choose how you would like to provide a receipt to the customer.

Receipt options can be found in the green boxes toward the bottom of the pop-up. Depending on what the customer prefers, select the corresponding box:

  • Email - will require you to enter or select an email address
  • Text - will require you to enter or select a phone number
  • Print - will open up in a new tab for you to select which printer you would like to print to
  • No receipt - click the x in the upper right corner of the pop-up


Uh oh! If you click the charge or tender button and see the pop-up above it means that there was something wrong with the payment. This could be any number of things:

  • Something was typed incorrectly on the payment screen
  • Insufficient funds on the card to cover the charge
  • A hold on the card (you may have seen this happen to your own card on vacation if the credit card company finds them suspicious)

These are a few of the many reasons a payment may be declined. If this happens click on the red back button at the bottom of the pop-up and try a different payment method or try to run the card again.

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