Tier Pricing in coreSTORE

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Tier Hierarchy

Tier price defaults can be specified at the application level, and item specific tiers can be specified at the item/item kit level. Customers are assigned particular tiers.

Item level tier pricing takes precedent over application level tier default settings.

Steps to Setup Tier Pricing

Go to Company > Settings and search for "Price Tiers" and decide how many tiers you want for pricing.

 Example includes: Gold, Silver, Bronze. These will be the application wide default settings.

Setup the default price tiers:

After you have added the tiers, each item will now have the tier listed in the pricing. In the item form, you can input the price as a percent discount or a unit price. If item specific tier pricing is not specified, the application defaults will be used for that item.

NOTE: If you wish to update all your items, you can do an excel export and fill in the prices that way too. If you put a percent it will assume it is percent off. if you put in a number it will assume a fixed price.

You can then assign a customer to a tier so that when they are added to a sale, they will get the prices for each item in a tier.

Find Tier Type at the bottom of Customer Information and select a tier.


Add a customer and item to a sale and the tier pricing will be in effect.

When you add a customer the tier will be added and the prices will be adjusted for each item:

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