How to Set Up the Customer Loyalty in coreSTORE

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Simple vs. Advanced

We offer two ways to set up Customer Loyalty in CoreSTORE. The two options are "Simple" and "Advanced". This document describes how they both work. Both these systems are great ways to make sure you keep customers coming back!

To enable the loyalty system, search for "loyalty" and check the box "Enable Customer Loyalty System". It is located in Application Settings.

Then the Loyalty program option will appear for Simple and Advanced. Make a selection and clear the search criteria at the top of Settings page and scroll 3/4's of the way down and find Loyalty Program Option Setting again.



The simple system allows for a discount percent to be rewarded once a certain number of sales have been met. The required input for this is Number Of Sales For Discount and Discount Percent Earned When Reaching Sales. Search for and fill in these required fields and it is all setup.

When you add a customer to a sale it will tell you how many sales are required until the discount is reached.

Once the number of sales is met; there will be a redeem button next to the customer's name. This will then apply the discount to the sale.



The advanced system allows for a point based system for more complex rewards system. Points are converted into cash and can be used at any time.

The advanced integration has two required settings: "Spend Amount To Point Ratio" and "point value".

The spend the point ratio is how much money needs to be spent to earn one point. For example, you could set the ratio to 100:1. This means for every $100 spent they would get 1 point. The point value means how much a point is worth in actual currency when it is redeemed.

*The additional option of "Loyalty Points Earned Not Including Tax" excludes tax from the loyalty points actual calculation.

When you add a customer to a sale it will tell you how many points are available.

To use points a new payment type "Points" will be added. You would just type in the number of points you want to use and the system will automatically figure out how much in currency to use. Choose how many points to redeem and add as a payment to the sale.


Disable Customer Loyalty on a Per Customer Basis

You can now disable customer loyalty on a per customer basis by editing the customer from the Customers View.

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