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In this section, you will be able to send and receive messages and emails to leads, clients, prospects, and more! If you have integrated your Facebook page and Google My Business page, you will also be able to use this section to communicate via those channels.


Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.

Section Components



You can navigate between unread, recent, and all messages.


    • Unread - Messages that have not yet been marked as read.
    • Recents - Shows your most recent messages, regardless of whether they were read or not.
    • All - Shows all of your messages.


Filter By "My Chats"

You can also filter the conversations based on who is assigned to any specific chat. Click on the small icon shown below to open a popup that will give you the option to choose either "ALL CHATS" or "MY CHATS". There are multiple ways to assign contacts and conversations to specific users in your CRM. Click here to learn more:   How To Assign Contacts To Specific Users 

Conversations List


In this area, you will see all the conversations in this account. To filter these conversations, you can either filter by status or use the search bar to filter by specific contact information.


Header Buttons


Here you will see the name of the contact you are having a conversation with.


You can perform other actions such as;




You can archive/unarchive this contact by clicking on the "archive" icon. When you archive a contact, the contact won't appear under the "Recent" filter column but would still be seen in the "All" filter column unless it is unarchived.


Mark as Unread/Read


You can decide to mark a contact as "Unread" especially when you want to access the conversation later and don't want it to get buried in the conversation list. You can navigate through the "Unread" filter to access the conversation.


You can also mark a conversation "Read" in the same manner and access it in the "Recent or All" filter.




By clicking on this icon, you can delete a conversation. Once you delete a conversation, it deletes forever, it cannot be undone.


Conversation Logs


Here you will see all the conversation logs between you and all your contacts. These messages are identified by source/type, as well as timestamped for organizational purposes.


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