Setting up Emails and Notifications in coreFORCE Advanced/Enterprise

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Fri, 02 Feb 2024 at 08:30 PM by Ashley Kocher

This article will show you how to set up and edit your emails and notifications in coreFORCE.



In coreFORCE, there are both notifications and emails. Notifications can be thought of as a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) on an email. Emails in coreFORCE would be more like sending a normal email to a primary recipient.


Managing Notifications


To set up or change the email addresses for a notification, you can go to Tools -> Notifications.


Find the notification you are looking for and simply enter the email to which you would like to send notifications. If you do not see the notification you are looking for, you can go to Orders -> Setup and go to the notifications tab.



Once here, you can look through the list of options to see what else is available. Remember to click save before exiting.


Managing Emails


If you would like to view your emails, you can go to Contacts -> Email -> Emails to see a list of customizable emails.  Emails will only show up in Contacts -> Email -> Emails if they have been set to customize from Setup. 


The default for many emails is to send an email so make sure to look through the list of emails in Setup to see what is being sent to your customers. Additionally, you may find other email options to be helpful. Remember to click save before exiting.



Customizing Notifications and Emails


While there are some generic default values, you can also add some extensive styling to your notifications and emails using HTML. Email can be any HTML content, including CSS, but not JavaScript. Email clients might even reject an email with JavaScript. It is also important to note that the HTML standards for email are about 20 years old and many modern HTML elements won't work in email. Even so, extensive styling can be applied.


Adding Barcodes and QR Codes for Gift Card Emails


The following code should allow your emails to contain Barcodes and QR Codes:




<p class="barcode"><img src=";text=%gift_card_number%"</p>


QR Code


<p class="qrcode"><img src=";text=%gift_card_number%"</p>

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