How to Set Up Layaway Payments in coreFORCE Advanced/Enterprise

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This feature is only available for coreFORCE Advanced or Enterprise customers

Layaways can be a very helpful payment method to help your customers purchase the gun they want by installments. 


Things you must know


  1. Layaways are being processed when a customer uses this as a payment method upon checkout.
  2. When a Layaway is made, it becomes an invoice that can be accessed by the customer through My Account > Invoices.


Setting up Layaways


To support layaways in your website, you have to create the Layaway Payment Type and Method. Go to the Admin Menu > Payment Method Types, and add a new payment type called "Layaway".




The next step is to make the Payment Method itself. This must be done so that it would reflect to the website. To do this, go to Payments > Payment Methods. Click "Add" on the top-right corner of the page to fill this form:



Keep in mind and do not forget to put the percentage limit of payment in the retail store. 


You can also add a Fee Percent, i.e. an interest rate for using the Layaway per se. For this example, it is set to 5 percent.


Finally, to keep track of the layaways after the first payment is made, you need to setup the page for Invoices in the coreFORCE Setup. You can make and customize this by yourself, or you can contact Helpdesk Support to make this for you.


How to purchase items via Layaways


After the customer has selected items for checkout, s/he can select the Layaway option in the Payment Methods Section. Upon selecting the Layaway option, the customer can fill up how much can s/he pay later through the Invoices Page. For this example, the maximum layaway would be 80 percent of the total checkout cost, but the customer insisted to pay $15 some other time.


Therefore, the rest of the checkout payment aside from the laid away $15 would be paid through other payment methods (American Express, Visa, etc).



Upon completing the transaction, the customer can then check the Invoices page of your site and continue payments there until the payment gets completed.



For more details regarding layaways, you can watch this video. Contact Coreware Helpdesk if you have further questions.

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