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Product menus module


This menu creates a MENU structure. This is the same module that is used in the header to create the main product menu. With this module, you cannot select specific product tags. This creates a MENU of all the product tags. There are no further filtering options.


Tagged products module


This module creates an element filled with product search results, based on the criteria you pass it. You can pass in multiple tag codes. They need to be delimited by pipe symbols. You can limit the number returned but you cannot set the sort order. Products within a tag are sorted themselves. 


Go to Products->Taxonomy->Product Tags. You will see that you can set the sort order of the products within the tag. That is the sort order used. 


Note If you use multiple product tag codes, the sort order is not going to be obvious. Basically, it is going to alternate products from one tag to the other. When you sort products within a tag, they are assigned sequence numbers. These are used for the sorting. When you combine multiple product tags, it still sorts by this sequence number. So, you will see sequence number 1 from the first tag, then sequence number 1 from the second tag, etc. 


You can add an additional filter of product_category_code (which can also be multiple). Here are some examples:











As you can see there are a lot of possibilities, albeit with constraints. This module will return a series of product results which can be configured as a slider or just a section of products. This can be embedded in any page.


You can also create a link for the product search results page. This is where you have the greatest flexibility. This option, however, is not something that is embedded in a page. It is a link to a unique search results page. Here are some examples:




page of all products in the used_products product tag




page of all products in the used_products product tag and also in the product category handguns


www.domainname.com/product-search-results? product_tag_code=used_products|refurbished&product_category_code=handguns|rifles


page of all products in either used_products or refurbished product tags and also in either handguns or rifles categories




page of all beretta & ruger firearms


Update as of 02/11/2021


The exclude_out_of_stock option was removed in place of include_out_of_stock. By default, the tagged products module will only show in-stock items. To show out of stock items, add :include_out_of_stock=true. Example:



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