Why is a product showing "Call For Price" instead of "Add to Cart"

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Mon, 12 Sep 2022 at 04:03 PM by Hannah Harris

"Call for price" will show up in coreFORCE for one of two reasons:


1. The product is being sold under the MAP policy of "Call for Price" (the most strict MAP policy in the system; i.e. the only way to get the real sale price is to call you; you don't advertise the price on your site at all). The MAP policy is set for each manufacturer in Products > Taxonomy > Manufacturers.


2. The system cannot calculate a sale price to display on the website, and so it defaults to "Call for price."


One common reason why "Call for price" may be displayed is that the pricing structure for the product is not able to calculate a price (in Products > Pricing > Pricing Structures). This can happen if the "percentages are markup from cost" checkbox is unchecked. Virtually all products have a base cost, but many products may not have a list price. If that box is unchecked in the pricing structure, every product without a list price will display "Call for Price."




Another common scenario in which "Call for Price" is displayed as a default is if the only sale price available is in the Product Prices grid at the bottom of the Pricing tab in Products Maintenance, but a location is attached to the Sale price and there is no inventory at that location. This can also happen if a location is attached to the sale price, but the product is a non-inventory and/or virtual product, such as an event registration product.  


coreFORCE will only look at the sale price in the grid if the item is in stock at the specified location.  Because event registrations are virtual products, they do not have inventory, so the system ignores the sale price and falls back to "call for price." The way to fix this is simply to remove the location from the Product Prices grid.


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