Why isn't my product showing on AmmoSeek?

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If you have a product that you expect to be listed on AmmoSeek but it is not showing up, there are a number of reasons why this may be happening.  Please use the following checklist to troubleshoot these issues:

The product may be in the feed that coreFORCE sends but AmmoSeek is rejecting it due to a critical error.

You can check your AmmoSeek feed at https://ammoseek.com/feed_tester/. If you run your feed through the feed tester it will tell you exactly what it's doing on a product by product basis.

If there are critical problems with products in your feed, the AmmoSeek feed tester will show the required fields as "MISSING!"

The most common required fields to be missing are caliber or number of rounds. For number of rounds, these could be the "Rounds per box," "Cartridges per box," or "total rounds" facets. Total rounds will be used if present, then rounds per box, then cartridges per box.

However, Ammoseek can also extract some facets from the product description/title.

If the product is not in the coreFORCE AmmoSeek feed at all, this could be for one of several reasons:

  1. The product department is set to send nothing (in Orders > Setup on the AmmoSeek tab)
  2. The product is in a category in the list of excluded categories (in Orders > Setup on the AmmoSeek tab)
  3. The product is not in any department or a department besides firearms or ammunition *
  4. The Manufacturer for the products is excluded from feeds
  5. The product has a non-numeric UPC
  6. The product does not have a sale price (showing "Call for price" on the front end site)
  7. The sale price is below cost **
  8. The product is not in any active category
  9. The product has a category, product tag, or manufacturer that is marked "cannot sell"

* Only products in the following categories can be listed on AmmoSeek:


coreFORCE categoryAmmoSeek Product Type

In addition to these categories, two coreFORCE departments are mapped to AmmoSeek:

coreFORCE departmentAmmoSeek Product Type

ALL Relevant Product facets for Ammoseek:

1. Rounds per box

2. cartridges per box

3. total rounds

4. quantity

5. Caliber

6. casing material

If you are listing shotgun shells, the gauge would go into the Caliber facet. Example:

** There is a preference to allow products to be listed on AmmoSeek below cost, but this is not recommended.  The reason that restriction exists is to prevent a momentary glitch in the pricing system from triggering price alerts on AmmoSeek which can result in negative reviews for the dealer.

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